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Geologists called the new reason of a collapse of the empire of the Maya - RIA Novosti, 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug – RIA Novosti. City-states of Maya Indians could disappear not only because of long droughts, but also because of mass deforestation and degradation of soils, geologists in article published in the Nature Geoscience.© magazine of RIA Novosti / RIA Novosti say to Pass into an image bank Scientists have calculated force of the drought which has ruined the Maya civilization "Today these sites of the jungle look as the real primitive wood. But if to look at their soil, it is possible to understand that ecosystems have far back in the past endured a sharp collapse and never completely were restored" — Peter Douglas from McGill University in Montreal (Canada) tells. The civilization of Indians of the Maya has existed several millennia, having left behind a set of "the dead cities" and cultural monuments on the peninsula Yucatan, having disappeared from the face of the earth approximately in the ninth century of our era when the majority of city-states of the Maya have been left them by inhabitants. The reasons of this civilization collapse still are a subject of disputes among scientists. The droughts caused by climate change and overpopulation of the cities of the Maya could be one of the possible reasons of disintegration of this civilization as today considers a number of archeologists. The first serious confirmations of this theory have been found in 2012 during excavation in the territory of Tikal, one of the largest cities of Indians where scientists have found the difficult system of reservoirs and channels testifying to importance of water in life of its inhabitants. © RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank of Mathematics have revealed an unexpected secret of disappearance of a civilization mayaposleduyushchy excavation in other city-states of the Maya has yielded more contradictory results. They have shown that the collapse of their culture could be connected not only with climate, but also with political conflicts between Indian "policies". It has forced scientists to argue on what place was taken by climate in their life. Douglas and his colleagues have opened one more factor which has influenced this "geopolitical accident", having analysed how soils in those rainforests where there were cities of the Maya, at the time of blossoming and a decline of their civilization changed.
for this purpose scientists have gone to the jungle in the south of Mexico and the North of Guatemala, and have taken from a bottom of three lakes – Chikankanab, Salpeten and Ittsan – the soil samples formed for the last four thousand years. © Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina Vulkany could ruin Ancient Egypt of times of Cleopatra, declare ученыеКак geologists explain, every year there are new deposits of silt comprising small portions of pollen and other vegetable remains getting there together with wind. Besides rather "fresh" traces of flora, at the soil of a bottom of lakes there is a quantity of waxy molecules of much more ancient origin. The age of these molecules, according to Douglas, serves as a peculiar indicator of amount of organic chemistry which gets and is washed away from the soil. If there is a lot of vegetable and animal remains, then microbes are "eaten" more available соед



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