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Geneticists have found out why lizards aren't able to let grow ideally a tail - RIA Novosti, 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — RIA Novosti. Lizards have lost ability to full regeneration of a tail because of breakages in the genes operating work of stem cells in a spinal cord. About it geneticists write in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.© magazine of the Photo: Kalliopi Monoyios - Science Illustration & Communication All four-footed animals in the past could regenerate extremities" the Lizard who has grown a new tail it is possible to learn easily. In him all is wrong — the sizes, appearance of scales, color and the internal device. Repair of what has broken in their regenerative abilities will help to understand how to include this program in DNA of other animal species" — Thomas Lozito from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) has said. Salamanders and other amphibians have unique ability to full regeneration of extremities with all nervous terminations and elements of a skeleton. At the same time many lizards are able to let grow anew a tail, but the bone tissue at them is replaced by a cartilage, and the spinal cord isn't restored. Scientists study many decades both salamanders, and lizards in hope to find the genes which are responsible for regeneration of extremities. It would help to understand how anew to let grow the injured hands and legs, and to learn to operate completely behavior of stem cells. Lozito and his colleagues have taken the first step to opening of the reasons of why lizards concede to salamanders as regeneration when studied differences in behavior of their stem cells which are going to become preparations for future neurons. For this purpose scientists have grown up several axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) and also lizards-anolisov (Anolis carolinensis) and geckoes (Lepidodactylus lugubris), cut out small pieces of nervous tissue from their tails and a spinal cord and have taken stem cells. © Scientists have found out Mayumi Ito et al why they at people grow the cut-off tips пальцевПроследив behind growth of cages in a test tube, scientists have entered them into the injured tails of amphibians and lizards, previously having traded places: cages of salamanders have got to an organism of lizards and vice versa. Then geneticists observed how the behavior of preparations and activity of different genes in these cages have exchanged. The procedure has considerably changed regeneration process. In the restored tail of lizards there were normal bones and nervous cages whereas the fin of salamanders has turned into the bent structure similar to a new tail of ordinary lizards. All this became big surprise for Lozito and his team. They didn't think that simple change of one type of preparations of cages will return to lizards ability to full regeneration, and salamanders — will deprive of her. © Photo: the press service of MIPT Scientists from MIPT prepare for cultivation of "patches" for сердцаКак have shown further experiences, the reason was that stem cells of reptiles have lost ability to turn into special type of preparations of the neurons which are at the same time playing a role of a part of future nervous system of a tail and conducting all process of regeneration. Studying of these cages as scientists hope, will help to allocate a set of the genes which are responsible for them формир



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