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Geneticists have deciphered DNA of the most ancient mummy of the New World - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti. "Revival" of a genome of the most ancient mummy of America found half a century back in one of caves in the south of the USA has helped scientists to find ancestors of modern Indians and to specify history of their resettlement on the New World. Results of the analysis of her DNA have been presented in the Science.© magazine of the Photo: Genetics Mikal Schlosser: the scandalous kenneviksky person nevertheless was Indian "the Mummy from a cave the Spiritist and remains of "paleoamerikanets" from Brazil were considered as extremely contradictory finds as they possessed the "wrong" shape of a skull not characteristic of Indians. We have shown that calculation of poles and hillocks on the head can't open true history of the people – people with the most different appearance can be close relatives of each other" — Eske Willerslev from the university of Copenhagen (Denmark) has said Esk. Rather long time scientists considered that ancestors of Indians have moved to America from Southern Siberia and Altai during the only wave of migration which has occurred about 14-15 thousand years ago. It is spoken well by the majority of archaeological monuments known to us in the territory of North and South America. Opening of the scandalous Kenneviksky person, is more similar to natives of Oceania and Australia, than on Asians, and the genetic data obtained by the Russian and foreign researchers in 2012 have forced Villerslev and many researchers to consider that ancestors of Indians moved in the New World at least in three waves of migration. All of them have occurred at different times and began from different sources. © Photo: Public domain of Genetics have disclosed family traditions of the first inhabitants of Rossiipredstaviteli of some of these waves as today supporters of this theory consider, have completely died out far back in the past and haven't lived up to now. Judging by rather "strange" shape of a skull, they could belong to absolutely other population of people, the so-called "paleoamerikanets" who don't have any relation to modern Indians and their ancestors. Villerslev and his colleagues have proved that this theory was partially wrong, having deciphered DNA of the most ancient mummy of North America which has arisen in the "natural" way in one of caves in the territory of the American State of Nevada so far. © Photo: Sarah L. Scientific Anzick: ancient people moved from Siberia to America in three etapaostanka of this ancient person whose age is about 10,6 thousand years, have been found in 1940 in the cave the Spiritist located near the town of Fellon. Authorities of the state have asked two archeologists, Sydney and Georgia Wheeler, to carry out excavation in her territory at the bottom of which local farmers used the soil as a source of fertilizers for the grounds. There they have found two skeletons of the ancient people wrapped in "blankets" from cane stalks, and a part of a body of one of two deceased has managed to be mummified. This mummy and remains of the second inhabitant of a cave didn't draw special attention of public and scientists to the middle of 1990 when physicists have calculated their age. It has turned out that to a couple Uilerov удалос



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