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Gadget-scissors-paper: scientists have shown how technologies harm mentality of children - RIA Novosti, 9/21/2018

Specialists of the Moscow State Psychology and Pedagogical University (MSPPU) have studied features of interaction of children with gadgets and other computer technologies and have offered new recommendations about their use. Data of this research are published in the scientific magazine "Psikhologicheskaya Nauka I Obrazovaniye". © Children from incomplete families suffer from AP Photo/Elaine Thompson game зависимостьюСегодня more often computer technologies and mobile gadgets actively interfere in life of children since her first months. By the end of preschool age already about 80% of children of Russia actively use the computer. The position of experts is in this situation extremely important. "Now there is a tendency to build in computer technologies preschool education without the corresponding researches. Meanwhile, exactly at such age at children key abilities are formed: speech, perception, informative activity, imagination, consciousness", – I have commented on RIA Novosti one of authors of article, the junior researcher of the Center of examination of a game and toys of MGPPU Natalya Matushkina. According to scientists, researches on this subject are contradictory: they prove both destructive, and positive influence of computer technologies on mentality of children. Besides the computer, the child is influenced by many factors which can't almost be considered in one research. Whether it is necessary to forbid gadgets at schools? Yes, they distract children from study Enough to take away them at school students for the period of a lesson Isn't present, Rezultaty57.2 of % Yes, they will use all the same distract children from ucheby29.4% Enough to take away them school students for a while uroka13.4 have no %, will oprosygolosovat to a polzovatsyavsa all the same "Sociological and quantitative methods aren't quite effective here. We believe more successful the comparative analysis of activity with real and virtual material: he has shown us that interaction of children with gadgets essentially differs from traditional forms of activity and doesn't compensate the last", – Natalya of Matushkin.57.2 has said % of 29.4% of 13.4% In the research conducted by experts MGPPU children performed a task on drawing up the cutting picture two different options – collecting parts from real paper and on the tablet screen. The big independence and in the choice of the action plan, and in assessment of their success was shown by the children working with paper. On the contrary, many performed a task on the tablet a trial and error method, varying the decision.© of Depositphotos/DragonImages less Teenagers read less books, have found out ученыеПо to opinion of authors, the main difference of two scenarios that in interaction children perform with real material as subjects of activity – build the plan and estimate result, developing independence and initiative. "Activity with paper brings to children pleasure from independent tests of assembly of the image. And in electronic ̆ versions the main motive is reaction of in advance set program, her encouragement / censure leaving the child the passive performer", – Natalya Matush has commented



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