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Foreign Ministers of EU countries will discuss DPRK, Libya and fight against migration crisis - RIA Novosti, 7/17/2017

Flags of the EU in Brussels. Archival photo
BRUSSELS, 17 Jul — RIA Novosti, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. Foreign Ministers of member countries of the European Union on the last before summer vacation a planned meeting will discuss a situation around DPRK in the light of launch by Pyongyang of a ballistic missile, the prospect of settlement of a political crisis in Libya and fight against migration crisis.© of AP Photo/Mohammed to El-Sheikhyevropa it is bad without Gaddafi. And she already almost решиласьВ the meeting course ministers will also approve the concept of a new civil mission which the European Union intends to send to Iraq at the request of local authorities. The mission which main goal will be an assistance to the Iraqi authorities in reforming of security service has to go to Baghdad in the fall of this year. The working meeting will begin with the prospects of realization of global strategy of the European Union which the head of diplomacy of the EU Federica Mogherini has presented a year ago. Since then the EU has made a number of concrete decisions on her realization, having created Control center of noncombat operations (MPCC) at the Military headquarters of the EU, having coordinated the principles of functioning of the continuous structured cooperation in defense and safety (PESCO) at the initial stage and having resolved issues of financing of rapid-reaction forces – "fighting groups" of the European Union.© terrorist attack AP Photo/Matthieu Alexandreposle in Nice Europe hasn't overcome fear of expectation of new attacks "In this area a lot of work is performed, but a lot of things need to be continued. It is about implementation (the decision on preparation) of the coordinated annual review on defense, coordination of structures and methodology of the continuous structured cooperation, strengthenings of cooperation of NATO and the EU, implementation of the action plan in the sphere of defensive research and development" — the senior representative of the EU who has wished to remain unnamed has told journalists, submitting the agenda of a meeting. During the meeting work will also be planned for the next year in such areas as strategic communications and public diplomacy, encouragement to cooperation of the countries in different regions of the world, support of stability of government institutions of the partner countries of the EU by the European Union. Then ministers will discuss a situation around North Korea in connection with the launch of a ballistic missile which is carried out by Pyongyang on July 4. DPRK has carried out launch of the Hvason-14 ballistic missile, having declared that she has flown by 933 kilometers, having reached height of 2802 kilometers, and time of flight was 39 minutes. These data have almost coincided with estimates of the USA, South Korea and Japan, and assume that RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalevpereyti in фотобанкКНДР is about an intercontinental ballistic missile.© has refused to conduct negotiations with the USA on nuclear to a programmemezhd of subjects as has reported the late Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the North Korean rocket has risen by height of 535 kilometers, but not on stated 2802, and has flown by about 510 kilometers, but not 933. According to the conclusion of the Russian Defense Ministry, it is about test of a medium-range missile. A similar conclusion has sounded also the Pentagon. After tests of the EU I have said that will study a possibility of strengthening of own restrictive m



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