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For participation in a forum on digital development of the Russian Federation about one thousand applications - RIA Novosti, are submitted 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. About one thousand people were registered for participation in a forum "Artificial intelligence, big data, domestic software: the national strategy of digital development" which will take place on November 15 in Moscow in Expocentre, the chairman of the organizing committee of "the Russian week of high technologies-2019" (RNVT), the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Kononov has reported to RIA Novosti. The forum will take place within "RNVT-2019" which is carried out the fourth year. "The Russian week of high technologies and a forum gain steam. For today on a forum about one thousand people were registered. We count on 500-600 people, it is almost twice more, than last year" — Kononov at a meeting on preparation for the Photo forum.© has told: TsVK "Expocentre" In Expocentre is provided have suggested to cancel visas to participants of exhibitions in Rossiipo it to words, representatives of the companies in the field of development of technologies of artificial intelligence and big data, heads of federal and regional authorities, representatives of the scientific and educational organizations, in particular the Russian Academy of Sciences, MIPT, GUU and ITMO will participate in a forum. Besides, this year within the forum for the first time there will pass two sections which will be devoted to key subjects of national strategy of digital development — to development of technologies of artificial intelligence and advance in the market of the Russian software. Within the forum on "Expocentre" platform there will also take place the specialized exhibition. "If earlier we held a forum which was called "Domestic software within RNVT: effective decisions", now the agenda of a forum is expanded. This year the forum is called "Artificial intelligence, big data, domestic software: national strategy of digital development". These are three whales on whom the digital economy of Russia is formed. This year, besides a plenary session, we will carry out two more sections: on artificial intelligence and according to domestic software" — Kononov has told. He has noted that the forum will become the platform for communication of producers of technologies of artificial intelligence, big data and domestic software and consumers — the companies and the enterprises interested in digital development. "This forum becomes every year more and more practical. Questions of artificial intelligence and big data are not questions of virtual reality and the far future, it is our today's life. We introduce domestic developments in national economy. Representatives of Committee on Education and science of the State Duma as issues of legal support of realization of national strategy of scientific and technological development of Russia will be discussed will participate in a forum" — Kononov has told.



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