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Five years on re-education. What the USA will make with Donbass - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

Vladimir Ardayev, the observer of RIA Novosti the Agency of the USA on the international development (USAID) announced the next program which purpose — "to tighten" civil consciousness of the population of the southeast of Ukraine. "Tutors of Donbass" intend to achieve the necessary result in five years, having spent 60 million dollars from pockets of the American taxpayers.© of RIA Novosti the American "expert in democracy" will teach to love Donbass Kiev "Residents of Donbass and the neighboring regions are convinced that they were left on a roadside, treat them as to outcasts and reproach that they consider themselves Russian-speaking. They view process of reforms with skepticism and support policy of the national government, than other population of Ukraine much less" — it is said in the 140-page document posted on the official site of state procurements of the USA. USAID looks for the partners ready to undertake correction of the "bad" region of the country. The term of estimated contracts — five years. The total cost — from 57 to 60 million dollars. In the application the problem is in detail described — as it is represented by analysts of the agency. They recognize that the present Ukrainian regime which came to the power as a result of the Euromaidan and "advantage revolution" in 2014 "received the mandate on reforms", but, having faced serious political, economic calls and security concerns, could not use it. Fight against "deep corruption" and the certain forces which are actively interfering reforms was not crowned with success. It was not succeeded to stabilize economy and to reduce budget deficit in the middle of recession. Neither change of the government, nor a detailed plan of actions helped — reforms still slip. The center and the West of the country regard problems with favor, but the "marginal" southeast shows obvious impatience and even participates in elections extremely reluctantly. "Though consequences of aggression of Russia are shown in all territory of Ukraine, they are especially noticeable in the region of Donbass and adjacent areas" — authors of the document claim. © Photo: Emercom of Russia of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is provided delivered humanitarian aid in Donbassvoobshche, Russia is called the reason of all troubles of modern Ukraine. Alienation of the Crimea, support of DNR separatists and LPR, massive promotion of the Kremlin media — all this, according to the American analysts, creates a situation in which Kiev cannot neither overcome own corruption, nor economy to recover. As a result many inhabitants of the southeast of the country do not condemn Russia for the Crimea and do not consider Moscow guilty of the unceasing conflict in Donbass, is emphasized in the report. In Donbass, unlike the western regions, do not support a course towards the European integration, but wish that Ukraine joined the Customs union of EEU. Also are convinced that all sanctions should be removed from Russia. Besides, there are too much people "trust in the myth about the Ukrainian nationalism". "The majority in the Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Odessa regions is skeptical about progress in Ukraine, even without suspecting about process of reforms" — U is distressed



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