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Fedor Yurchikhin became the president of the Astronautics and Aircraft center at ENEA - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. The Russian astronaut Fedor Yurchikhin who has made five space flights became the president of the Astronautics and Aircraft center at ENEA, have reported on Friday in the press service of an exhibition.© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass into an image bank the Astronautics and Aircraft Center to ENEA has headed the rating of city novelties "the Astronautics and Aircraft Center which works in the Space pavilion No. 34 at ENEA, actively develops educational and educational activity. The permanent expert, the space pilot, the Hero of Russia Fedor Yurchikhin familiar to many visitors of the pavilion will continue promoting of domestic astronautics as the president of the center" — it is said in the statement. The press service has reminded that Yurchikhin has begun to cooperate with the center in April. Then he conducted open lessons for school students and students of profile specialties and a meeting with representatives of space branch. Under the leadership of Yurchikhin the Space Mail project is implemented — anyone can send the letter to the acting and honored astronauts through the special mailbox located in the center. Yurchikhin hopes that work of the center will increase interest in astronautics which has fallen recently. "In my childhood each boy wanted to become an astronaut. Today the interest of youth in studying of space and training of our profession has considerably decreased. For me a great honor to hold a position of the president of the largest space museum of the country. It is sure, thanks to the unique, constantly replenished exposition of the center, to a set of educational programs and informative actions we will make space more available and closer for everyone" — the press service.© the Astronautics and Aircraft Center at ENEA New life in "Space" cites his words: the boulevard, bureau and космодромЮрчихин has made from 2002 to 2017 five space flights lasting nearly 673 days. He nine times left in an outer space and has worked behind a board of the station of 59 hours 27 minutes. The Astronautics and Aircraft center has opened on April 12, 2018 in the updated Space pavilion No. 34 at ENEA. In the course of restoration have returned to the pavilion initial historical appearance of 1954. Among exhibits of the center there is a full-size model of the Mir station, the model of the first artificial Earth satellite, a sample of lunar soil and a glove of a space suit in the vacuum chamber by means of which it is possible to feel how it is difficult to work in an outer space. IIA Russia Today is a general information partner of the Astronautics and Aircraft center. Rossiya Segodnya — the international media group which mission is the expeditious and weighed covering of events in the world, informing audience on different views on key events. IIA Russia Today represents a line of information resources of the agency: RIA Novosti, R-sport, RIA Real estate, Prime, RIA Rating, INOSMI. Abroad the media group is presented by the international news agency and radio Sputnik.



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