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Failure of "revolt of cars". As the computer has nearly begun nuclear war - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. The shrill roar of a signal of fighting alarm blows up habitual silence of the central command post of the missile warning system. The satellite has marked start of the intercontinental Minitmen ballistic missiles from the territory of the USA, so, on reciprocal and counter blow there are no more than 40 minutes. Thirty five years ago the lieutenant colonel Stanislav Petrov, the operations duty officer of TsKP SPRN in Serpukhov-15 situated near Moscow, have made the decision which has saved the world from nuclear war. About events of that fatal night — in material of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov to Pass the Last line of defense into an image bank: what the strategic Rossiisputnikovuyu missile defense the system of detection of starts of intercontinental ballistic missiles from a continental part of the USA "Eye" is capable of have taken advantage and have put on alert at the end of 1982. The Soviet Union would learn about the nuclear attack in only a few seconds now: spacecrafts by means of powerful optics and infrared sensors would mark a bright torch of the rocket starting from the mine. Of course, operators of radar station of above-the-horizon observation still had to confirm this information, however launched satellites of the Eye system the flywheel lifting in a gun of force of nuclear control of the USSR.K of fall of the 1983rd system was still dampish, and the experts working with her haven't managed to accumulate sufficient experience. However the numerous simulations of the beginning of nuclear war which are carried out to TsKP for incomplete year have made the business: as have shown further events, his officers acted correctly. In the evening on September 25 the lieutenant colonel Stanislav Petrov has taken up a post of the operations duty officer. To control serviceability of spacecrafts of system belonged to his duties. In fact, on shoulders of the person on duty heavy responsibility laid down — to believe or not to trust indications orbital Oka if it suddenly finds something. And the system has marked missile launch — on September 26 at 00:15. On the big electronic USA map established in TsKP the start point — one of military bases on the Western coast of the USA has flickered. Petrov immediately announced fighting alarm, having ordered to a duty shift to check a condition of all systems and to confirm visual existence of the purpose. However on screens of video monitors (VKU) which already had to transfer the image of a bright torch of the rocket leaving the mine everything was as it should be. Any flashes and fiery tails. And satellites of the Eye system later have reported moments about the second, third and fourth start-up of MBR "Minitmen" from the same point. And again operators of VKU haven't confirmed this information.© of the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes to Pass into an image bank of the Ministry of Defence has received two latest satellites of the Sprnpolny picture it didn't develop. Single starts of rockets weren't entered in the scheme of massive attack in any way. The party striking the first blow in nuclear war beats with all means at once: in hundreds of MBR from underground mines and from submarines, cruise missiles from the ships and planes. The nuclear triad is involved in full power that has as much as possible weakened



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