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Facebook reported that it did not sell to the third parties data of users - RIA Novosti, 06.12.2018

MOSCOW, 6 Dec — RIA Novosti. The American company Facebook stated against the background of messages about receiving by the British parliament access to internal documents of the company that Facebook RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova never sold to the third parties data of users of social network.© to Pass into an image bank of media: the former head of PR-service Facebook employed the firm criticizing competitors "the Facts are obvious: we never sold data of people (users of social network — an edition)" — it is said in the official statement of Facebook. Earlier it was reported that the British parliament got access to internal documents of the Facebook company among which there can be a correspondence of the head of social network Mark Zuckerberg with the employees holding senior positions in the company. The received documents are connected with the claim of the Six4Three company against Facebook which was given in May of this year. The company accused Facebook of shadowing users and use of their personal data. One of lawyers of Six4Three Stewart Gross confirmed in an interview to CNN TV channel that documents were transferred to the British parliamentary committee, however he does not know, when and as they were transferred. Gross also appealed to committee "to refrain from consideration of documents and to return them to the lawyer or in Facebook".© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank Peskov commented on the claim of "Federal news agency" to Facebookranee the British Management of the representative for information (The UK Information Commissioner's Office, ICO) imposed a penalty on the American company Facebook of 500 thousand pounds sterling for serious violation of the law on data protection. According to investigation of department, Facebook during the period from 2007 to 2014 incorrectly processed personal data of users, transferring them to developers of mobile applications. As a result of it the GSR company got illegal access to data of 87 million people without their permission, including to data of one million residents of Great Britain. Subsequently this information was used by the Cambridge Analytica company, consider in Ico.Gazeta New York Times this year earlier reported that the British analytical agency Cambridge Analytica cooperating with Donald Trump during the election campaign illegally received data of 50 million users of Facebook.Cambridge Analytica — the private British analytical company which uses technologies of the deep analysis of data for development of strategic communication during the election campaigns on the Internet. Facebook reported on April 4 that these 87 million its users, generally to the USA, were mistakenly transferred to Cambridge Analytica. The British company in reply stated that it according to the contract had the right to obtain data no more than 30 million people.



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