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Experts have predicted the high competition on elections to Legislative Assemblies - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The competition on the elections to legislative assemblies of regions which are coming this Sunday will increase: opposition parties can press a few positions of United Russia in fight for chairs in parliaments, but on elections of heads of regions of surprises you shouldn't wait — with a high share of probability will win a victory the acting governors, the experts interviewed by RIA Novosti consider. The uniform voting day will capture on September 9 the majority of regions of Russia, in 33 of them there will take place vote of regional level. In particular, in 22 subjects will elect heads of regions.© of AGN "Moscow" / Anton Kardashov Dmitry Reut: critical moments in a campaign of elections of the Mayor of Moscow of a hvatayetn elections to legislative assemblies of regions United Russia will face certain difficulties that, first of all, is caused by the social agenda therefore her indicators will be more modest, than on last year's elections, the member of advisory council of Institute of social and economic and political researches Alexey Zudin considers, but at the same time notes that the party all the same will be able to achieve the majority in parliaments again. "Decrease in indicators on which the party can count is expected. But it will hardly create serious threat for positions of United Russia party members, namely: the governors supported by it, most likely, in all cases will be able to win. United Russia will be able to achieve the majority in Legislative Assemblies as before, but indicators will be more modest", he said. most United Russia in Legislative Assemblies and the CEO of Institute of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev, in every possible way rejecting the assumptions of her precarious position and loss of support of electorate. "To tell that United Russia is waited by crash, death, a razbeganiye in different directions and nobody will gather anything anywhere – no. Perhaps, the opposition will also add, but hardly it will add so to receive the majority" — the expert.© RIA Novosti / Nikolay Hizhnyak Pereyti believes in an image bank Poll has shown how many Russians will come to elections 9 sentyabryapr it the head of the Center of economic and political reforms Nikolay Mironov considers that United Russia in a number of subjects already loses positions and can even lose parliamentary majority in some Legislative Assemblies. United Russia practically everywhere loses support – comes to level from 30% to 40% at the moment, and options are quite possible that the percent will even be lower. It concerns party vote (in Legislative Assemblies) and it concerns even single-candidate districts (a by-election in the State Duma)" — the political scientist has noted. According to his forecast, situations aren't excluded that on elections of the CPRF the nostril will go to a nostril with United Russia. In particular, such deal as the expert believes, turns out in the Irkutsk region. "Situations aren't excluded that during the vote according to lists somewhere the CPRF will bypass ER … Situations when in Legislative Assemblies the oppositional coalitions due to a large number of oppositional deputies from different parties are formed are possible" — Mironov.© has told Fotolia/pressmaster Roskomnadzor will strengthen control of collecting



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