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Experts have predicted growth of the price of bitcoin this week - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The cost of the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) forthcoming week will continue to grow, the experts.© interviewed by RIA Novosti consider to Pass RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov into an image bank In Moscow area have detained thieves of the equipment for a mining биткоиновПо to data of the CoinMarketCap portal calculating the average price on more than 20 exchanges, following the results of the auction of Sunday the bitcoin has risen in price for 1,02% — to 7,275 thousand dollars. On the largest on the trading volume cryptocurrencies to the Binance exchange the bitcoin has grown in price for 1,37% — to 7,291 thousand dollars. During trading the passed week the cryptocurrency price for the first time since the beginning of August has overcome a mark of 7 thousand dollars.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov to Pass into an image bank In the Leningrad Region have put into operation the first stage of the center for a mayningaprofessor of department of financial management of REU of Plekhanov Konstantin Ordov considers that the bitcoin is shown by an "upward trend" and the price 7,2 thousand dollars "are higher convinces of gravity of this trend". "The bitcoin needs mass recognition. It is the only driver of growth of quotations … In the next few days there are no bases for pessimism therefore we wait for a "green" strip, but it isn't higher than 7,8 thousand for bitcoin this week" — he has reported. Similar opinion and head of the Enigma company, cofounder of cryptocurrency fund ICG Igor Zartdinov. "The market looks "bull", we observe the third week of growth. The bitcoin price, perhaps, during a week will reach 8 thousand dollars" — he has assumed. The chief analyst of Tokenbox Igor Doganov also considers that growth of the price of bitcoin will continue this week. At the same time he has pointed to possible speculation in the market. "Very probable scenario is continuation of positive dynamics within the next week. It should be noted the sharp growth of positions of short within September 2. At the Bitfinex exchange the gain of "bear rates" has made 52% per day that is very unusual occurrence. Thus, a part of traders don't believe in development of a new upward tendency or have the insider" — he has noted. © Fotolia/Artur Marciniec In China have detained three hackers for theft of virtual currency for $88 millionovodny of the main events of the last week there was a solution of the Yahoo Finance platform to enter a possibility of purchase and sale of bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies for residents of the USA. Experts don't exclude that development of this history will affect further the bitcoin price. "News about introduction to Yahoo.Finance of the cryptoexchanger can quite become an important factor for change of trends in all cryptomarket" — Ordov believes. The attention of participants of the market was drawn also by the message of the Business Insider edition with reference to sources that the Chicago exchange of options (CBOE) plans to start trade in futures for the second for capitalization in the world cryptocurrency of Ethereum (ETH) until the end of 2018. For start of the new tool it is necessary to get approval of the Commission on trade in commodity futures of the USA (CFTC).© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank In Moscow the court has finished bankruptcy, in to



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