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Expert: special numbers for sports cars and mopeds won't appear in the next year - RIA Novosti, 9/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Sep — RIA Novosti. You shouldn't wait for emergence of special registration signs for retrocars, sports cars and mopeds in the next year — before entry into force of the new law on registration of vehicles, the representative of scientific center of traffic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs developing new GOST Andrey Kapustin.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko has reported to RIA Novosti to Pass into an image bank In Russia there will be new car numbers, have reported Smigazeta Kommersant on Thursday with reference to the new GOST "Signs State Registration Vehicles" approved by Rosstandart has reported that since January 1, 2019 10 types of new registration plates for cars and the motor-equipment will be entered into the Russian Federation. According to the edition, motorcycle numbers will become less in sizes by one and a half times, and signs for the Japanese right-hand drive cars a form will remind a square. It is planned to enter special numbers for mopeds and also for classical and sports cars. According to Kapustin, now mopeds aren't subject to registration, and sports cars and retrocars register in accordance with general practice with other passenger cars. He has explained that new GOST has included state signs for these vehicles, but they can be given only after adoption of the relevant normative legal acts which will regulate their registration. "The matter is that the State Duma has approved the new law on registration of vehicles recently. He provides that the State traffic inspectorate won't order and issue someone registration signs. This law provides norm that the order of registration of separate types of vehicles can be approved by the government. I think, in the next year it won't be, to the introduction of the law in force" — the interlocutor of the agency has explained. He has added that license plates for mopeds will be same by the sizes, as well as new signs for motorcycles. According to Kapustin, for motorcycles registration signs are reduced as on many, especially import production, the platform doesn't contain number of such big size as is now. New GOST enters registration signs for motor-vehicles diplomatic and consulates on a red background.© to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir with Fedorenko into an image bank Car dealers have commented on input new number знаковКак Kapustin has told, the type of registration signs for off-road motor-vehicles — ATVs and snowmobiles is also entered. Now there is a uniform type of numbers for such type of vehicles and farm vehicles (tractors, combines). After entry into force of new state standard specification ATVs and snowmobiles will receive separate type of the registration plate. For agricultural machinery almost nothing will change, however, according to Kapustin, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has asked to include the inscription "Rus" in their type of the registration sign. Motorists will be able to change registration signs for numbers corresponding to new state standard specification at will, compulsory replacement won't be. At the end of July the State Duma has accepted зако



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