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Dutches raise money for products to seamen from the vessel "Kuzma Minin" - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MURMANSK, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The Dutch club of seamen has begun fund raising in support of crew of the vessel of Murmansk Shipping Company "Kuzma Minin" which costs in Ternezen port as food onboard reach a limit, the coordinator of the International federation of transport workers Sergey Fishov has reported to RIA Novosti. The Kuzma Minin motor ship costs in Ternezen port (Netherlands). According to the Russian labor union of seamen, the International Federation of Transport Workers (IFTW) has received a signal that the vessel needs to be checked from local military police.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev to Pass into an image bank In the Spanish port have detained the Russian vessel "the Vessel the inspector of the International Federation of Transport Workers (IFTW) in the Netherlands has visited, has passed and has seen storerooms, has told that there are practically no products – either vegetables, or fruit that there meat doesn't suffice" — Fishov has explained. According to him, to evening of Tuesday the shipowner hasn't paid supply of provisions for information which is available for him, and right after the inspector's visit the club of seamen in Ternezen has organized fund raising in support of the Russian seamen. Representatives of club wanted to accompany the cook of the vessel "Kuzma Minin" in shop and to make purchases for the sum of 100 euros. However the captain has refused the help. "Seamen not that starve, but eat insufficiently. It seems, the shipping company has promised to pay 4,9 thousand euros for products. They are brought or not – yet I don't know" — Fishov.© has added the Photo: Pixabay, saxoyellow of the Power of Denmark have arrested the Russian vessel "Novaya Zemlya" Besides, the Russian labor union of seamen according to the captain reports that the senior assistant to the captain, the second assistant to the captain, the senior mechanic and the mechanic have to be repatriated. The local police has confirmed: if seamen have valid visas and enough money for a way back, then they will be able to leave the vessel on October 2. JSC Murmansk Shipping Company which several vessels, according to the Russian labor union of seamen, are under arrest abroad, and concerning which SK has brought criminal case about nonpayment of salary, states that it experiences financial difficulties, however disproves that the company is in a bankruptcy stage.



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