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Driving without borders: the customs officer who has brought down the pensioner can bail - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. There wasn't enough record from the video recorder and the alcohol found in blood to the fullest extent of the law to punish the Bryansk customs officer Sergey Mishin. About a year ago he on the car has struck and kill the elderly woman crossing the road on a green signal of the traffic light. RIA Novosti understands why employees of SK can't still establish relationship of cause and effect between road accident and death of the pensioner. On the third of November the 2017th the 83-year-old female resident of Bryansk Anna Denisova has gone to church to morning service — to put a candle for the peace of mother. As usual, I left at a stop, I have waited for a green signal of the traffic light and I have stepped into the crosswalk. Her this second at great speed I have also brought down VAZ-2112. "The blow was so strong that the grandmother has flown away from the car — the granddaughter died Olga tells RIA Novosti. — When we buried her, on a body there was no live place: all bones are broken, the head is injured". According to the girl, at herself Denisova had money and documents which after accident have disappeared. "Doctors of hospital, where have brought a body, have found in a jacket pocket a piece of paper with a phone number of my mother (the daughter who has died. — Editor's notes) have also called her. At the same time the cause of death wasn't called — the granddaughter continues. — To the place of state of emergency six traffic police officers left, but from police to us hasn't arrived any information. After a funeral I have gone to regional Department of Internal Affairs to find out circumstances of the tragedy. There have told that in road accident the grandmother has broken an anklebone and has died of painful shock". © the Photo is provided by relatives of the dead Ponyali and have forgiven: as the ex-traffic police officer has killed the neighbor and remained on свободеГибель pensioners has created a scandal — in Bryansk she was known by many. Denisova has worked all life in kindergarten and has brought up not one generation of citizens. Though could die at ten-year age — at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War her village was burned by fascists. On the third of November the 1942nd have shot mother and the grandmother. This fate waited also for the girl, but on the way to the concentration camp she together with the younger brother managed to run. As the investigation has found, in day of road accident driving the VAZ-2112 car there was a control inspector of the Bryansk customs for the sharing and radioactive materials 27-year-old Sergey Mishin. According to the lawyer of the victims, the driver has specified in an explanatory note that he celebrated a birthday of the daughter then has gone to work. According to data of expertize, he was drunk. "It turns out that the person who is responsible for transportation of radioactive materials through frontier comes to work as drunk and doesn't see in it anything bad — the lawyer Vladimir Kalikin explains RIA Novosti. — Mishin held the position even after accident — have dismissed him only after the granddaughter died began to complain to all instances". As the head of the press service of the Central customs office Ekaterina Anchiporova has reported to RIA Novosti, Mishin was dismissed not at once as waited for results of examination and termination of interdepartmental



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