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DPF has suggested to announce 2020 year of discovery of Antarctica - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

MOSCOW, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. The all-Russian movement of support of the fleet (MSF) proposes to announce 2020 year of the 200 anniversary of discovery of Antarctica, the head of DPF captain of the first rank Mikhail Nenashev has reported to RIA Novosti on Wednesday. © / V. Chistyakov to Pass RIA Novosti into an image bank Yachtsmen will make an expedition around Antarctica to anniversary of opening of the continent "DPF suggests to announce in Russia 2020 year of the 200 anniversary of discovery of Antarctica and to initiate consideration of this offer in the UN for giving to anniversary of the international status" — he has told, having specified that the letter with this offer is sent the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of DPF has noted that in connection with anniversary it is worth holding a number of commemorative events, including to organize a campaign of the Russian and foreign sailing vessels on the way of pioneers of Antarctica — Faddei Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, a release of thematic movies and books, preparation of special online projects. Nenashev has explained that giving to this date of such high status is necessary as today in the world there was a tendency on distortion and belittling of a role of the Russian travelers pioneers in development of the sixth continent. "Some countries — sea competitors of Russia — both two hundred years ago later, and now or suppress discovery of Antarctica by the Russian seafarers, or belittle its value. For example, according to the existing marine law — the islands opened and called by our officers near Antarctica and Australia have been randomly renamed by representatives of a number of the countries" — he has emphasized. The southern polar expedition as a part of two military sloops of war — "East" (the commander — Faddei Bellingshausen) and "Mirnyi" (Mikhail Lazarev) - in 1819 has gone from Kronstadt to a long voyage and on January 28, 1820 has discovered Antarctica. In 1821 the ships have returned to Kronstadt. They have stayed in swimming 751 days and there have passed more than 92 thousand kilometers. Except Antarctica the expedition has opened 29 islands and one coral reef. The Russian seamen have conducted scientific, including oceanographic researches.



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