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Dividends on condition of refusal of state support - RIA Novosti, will allow not to pay 9/26/2018 the Russian Railway

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. Till 2025 dividends on common stocks will allow not to pay the Russian Railway and to invest net profit in projects, but then the company shouldn't apply for 1 trillion rubles of the state support, in particular, for 200 billion rubles for acceleration of the movement of containers and increase in transit, Alan Lushnikov.© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova has told journalists of the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation to Pass into an image bank In Ministry of Transport have told in what projects they wanted to enclose super profits of the kompaniygeneralny director of the Russian Railway Oleg Belozerov in March reported that the company suggests to pay dividends only on preference shares, and to direct other profit to investments. "We expect execution of the decision of the presidential commission on energy industry. By preparation it was discussed that the profit of the Russian Railway remains at the disposal of the company to invest. The position of the Ministry of Finance has turned out to be consequence of it that the Russian Railway shouldn't apply for the state support on investments in infrastructure any more" — Lushnikov has reported. He explained earlier that the decision to pay or not to pay dividends of the Russian Railway, will be accepted in coordination with the long-term program of development (LTPD) of railway monopoly till 2025. Initially, I have told the deputy minister, financing of the DPR of 7 trillion rubles from which 6 trillion rubles at the expense of the Russian Railway, remained — state support was supposed. "Now the state support isn't supposed" — he has reported. CC0/SofiLayla / the Railway crossing Ministry of Transport has told about railway projects within the development plan for infrastructure "In this regard in the main plan now is put that the company will use the means instead of those 200 billion rubles from the budget which initially the ministry expected to allocate the companies for acceleration of the movement of containers and increase in transit" — I have explained to the deputy minister. The Russian President Vladimir Putin in May of the current year has given a number of instructions till 2024 on transport infrastructure. The speech in them, including, went about actions for increase in throughput and carrying ability of infrastructure for increase in a transit konteyneropotok by 4 times, including — the Trans-Siberian Railway in 7 days.



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