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Departments will prepare offers on strengthening of the competition in power - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Government of the Russian Federation has charged to departments to prepare offers on strengthening of the competition in power industry. Instructions contain in "road map" on development of the competition in various branches of economy of the Russian Federation approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The "road map" prepared by FAS is calculated on 2018-2020. As performers of the plan regarding power the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, FAS, the Ministry of Economic Development, NP Market Council association and "Trading System Administrator of the wholesale market of the electric power" act. In particular, in the third quarter 2019 of department have to prepare offers on creation of the third price zone in the Far East. "Preparation of offers on creation of "the third price zone" in the Far East, the report in the Government of the Russian Federation; the third quarter 2019" — it is said in the document. The price zone is a part of the territory of the country where the competition between participants of the wholesale market is possible. Now in the Russian Federation there are two price zones — the first (the European part of the country and the Urals) and the second (Siberia). In the fourth quarter 2019 of department have to submit the report on development of renewables in the isolated energorayona of the Far East. To the first quarter 2020 of department have to make changes to acts of the government regarding accession of the isolated energorayon to the Integrated power grid of Russia, expansion of territorial borders of operation of competitive mechanisms in the wholesale and retail markets and also RIA Novosti / Vladimir of Fedorenko to Pass integration of zones of a free overflow of the electric power.© into an image bank Unique experiments of scientists of Rosatom will help to prolong life АЭСВо the second quarter 2019 the government waits for offers on introduction of amendments to regulations to exclude use of non-market mechanisms when pricing for power, in particular, of an extra charge. The ministries and antimonopoly authority will have to provide simplification of acquisition by consumers of the electric power directly at producers, incentives for increase in a share of long-term contracts of delivery of the electric power, introduction of competitive ways of new construction and modernization of the generating power objects. Also in "road map" it is planned that four years' competitive selection of power will become six-year-old. In "road map" FAS has also included amending the legislation "regarding a possibility of compulsory sale of shares of the company in case of an exit of antimonopoly authority in court with the corresponding claim". © RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank of the Ministry of Energy: fuel reserves for a heating season exceed нормативыФАС, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Development will prepare corresponding changes in the first quarter 2020. In case of adoption of amendments of FAS will be able to force the power companies through court to sell non-core assets as in power it is forbidden to combine exclusive and competitive kinds of activity, that is networks with generation and power sale. "A possibility of compulsory sale of shares of the organization violating requirements of article of the federal law "About wasps



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