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Denmark has arrested the vessel Novaya Zemlya with 19 Russians onboard - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

MURMANSK, 1 Sep – RIA Novosti. The authorities of Denmark have arrested the vessel Novaya Zemlya belonging to Murmansk Shipping Company at Skagen cape on the northernmost tip of the country, has reported the Russian labor union of seamen with reference to the coordinator of the International federation of transport workers in Russia Sergey Fishov.© of the Photo: orion04 Lukashevich in OSCE has demanded to release the Mechanic Pogodin tanker Fishov has learned about the incident from the colleague — the inspector of federation in Denmark Morten Bach. The reason of arrest isn't reported. Onboard there are 19 Russians. Information indirectly is confirmed by data of the Marine Traffic service according to which the bulk ship is in the area of the cape of Skagen now. The Murmansk shipping company has noted that Novaya Zemlya – not the first vessel of the company arrested abroad. From the middle of July the Zapolyarye motor ship costs at coast of the Spanish city of Ceuta. According to the inspector of the International federation of transport workers the Bass, crew constantly experiences difficulties with water, provisions and fuel in Spain of Billiard pockets. According to federation, in one and a half months the Murmansk Shipping Company could repatriate only six seamen, the fate of the others questionable. © Fotolia/hperry In embassy in the Republic of South Africa have told details about a situation with "Transflot" vessel the Crisis situation develops also on the vessel Pomorye which has got stuck in New Orleans (USA). According to the coordinator of federation in the USA Dwayne Budraks, Pomorye costs on raid from the middle of May. According to the head of department a manpower of the Murmansk shipping company of Svetlana Shevelyova, it was planned that the crew will perform short flight to the USA (two unloadings and back to Europe), but during flight two anchors have been lost. As a result the vessel couldn't return after unloading in two ports of the USA to Europe at most in two months from the date of an exit. "Today at seamen contracts have ended, there are no American visas, to receive them – a difficult task. Repatriation is postponed indefinitely" — note in labor union.© of AFP 2018/Ozan Kose In Istanbul the vessel with the Russian crew is two months under arrest "These are only those known labor conflicts in which decision inspectors of MFT are involved worldwide. It is about the fate of at least 80 Russian seamen who have fallen into deplorable state because of the shipowner. Unfortunately, representatives of MFT note that the management of Murmansk Shipping Company reluctantly makes contact, and often at all ignores inquiries about plans of the guide to an exit from a crisis situation. All this guards", – Fishov has told.



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