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Denisova has said that she has reported to Moskalkova about impossibility of exchange of seamen - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

KIEV, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. The ombudsman of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova has said that last week she has answered the Russian colleague Tatyana Moskalkova about impossibility of exchange of seamen of two countries, however still hasn't received the answer. © AFP 2018/Alexander Khudoteply "Sea Terrorism": who is right in the Sea of Azov and at what here Ssharany the ombudsman of the Russian Federation has appealed to Denisova to call competent authorities of Ukraine for creation of conditions for return home of the Russian seamen of the vessel "North" and the Ukrainian crew with "YaMK-0041". On Monday Moskalkova has said that she is anxious that her Ukrainian colleague Lyudmila Denisova doesn't contact recently, including there are no motions in a question of possible homecoming of seamen of the Russian vessel "North" and fishermen from Ukrainian "YaMK-0041". As Denisova's press service reports, she "has once again emphasized that seamen of the vessel "North" are citizens of Ukraine and on the status aren't detainees, can freely move and leave from the territory of Ukraine on the basis of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine". Also the ombudsman has noted that at the same time, crew members of the vessel "YaMK-0041" who are in the Crimea "are limited in the right to freedom of movement and departure on the mainland of Ukraine as they have no passports". "For this reason I can't discuss exchange of one citizens of Ukraine for other citizens of Ukraine with the ombudsman of the Russian Federation. On Friday I have sent missives to office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation in which I in detail explained the position. However I haven't received any answer to them yet" — I have said Denisov.© the Photo: the press service of Border Service of FSB of Russia across the Republic of Crimea Russia has urged the USA not to stand up for "wards" in Azov moresoobshchatsya that the ombudsman of Ukraine has once again assured that she "is ready to meet madam Moskalkova anywhere — in Russia, Ukraine or in other some country, but only in a format of a meeting of two representatives". The Ukrainian frontier guards have detained on March 25 the Crimean vessel "North" under the flag of Russia in the Sea of Azov with 10 crew members. All of them are citizens of Russia, but Kiev considers them the Ukrainian citizens. Two crew members have managed to return to the Crimea through Belarus, have removed seven from flight to Minsk. To the captain of the vessel violation of an order of entrance on temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from her for the purpose of infliction of harm is incriminated "to the interests of the state", threatens him up to five years of imprisonment. The Ukrainian YaMK-0041 fishery vessel has been detained on May 4 at coast of the Crimea, it has broken the ban on catch of a flounder on the shelf. Concerning the captain of the vessel, the citizen of Ukraine, criminal case about poaching is brought, he is in the pre-trial detention center of Simferopol. The vessel it is seized.



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