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Cynologists incorrectly define all breeds of dog, geneticists - RIA Novosti, say 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti. Stray dogs have helped scientists to prove that the appearance of dogs reflects their real breed only in 10% of cases. It means that traditional techniques of "calculation" of breeds of dog and their classical definitions can be quite misleading, geneticists write in the PLoS One.© Fotolia/Photography magazine Geneticists have found out how there were most popular breeds of dog "the Genetics of behavior of dogs is so difficult that the hybrid of two breeds will behave not as both parents of such dog at all. Respectively, if at assessment of dogs we use the current ideas of breeds, we arrive even worse than when we lean on stereotypes in communication with people. Better absolutely to refuse them" — Clive Wynne from the university of Arizona at the Speed (USA) has said. It is considered that the person has tamed dogs in the Stone Age, long before domestication of other animals. The pantophagy of ancestors of the dogs capable to eat the same food, as their neighbors people could serve as the reason of it. While there is not clear time of their domestication — there are fossil certificates both rather late (10-18 thousand years ago), and early domestication (over 36 thousand years ago). Several regions, including Europe, Altai, Nepal and the Middle East apply for a role of the ancestral home of dogs. Relatively recently scientists have found out that all dogs occur from one general ancestor that has generated bigger interest in search of the ancestral home of all Zhuchek, Sharikov and their thoroughbred cousins and also the history "evolutions" of modern breeds of dog. Today, as Wynne and his colleagues note, there are three hundred officially recognized and thousands of informal breeds of "the best friends of the person", many of which exist several millennia. Around these dogs there was the whole industry of the experts-cynologists defining "purity" of breed and belonging of this or that dog to one of these big families. CC0/Pixabay/Joe007 / Scientists have opened the Siberian roots of the died-out dogs индейцевКак the rule, the major role when determining breeds is played by an exterior of a dog – how she looks and as far as she is similar to "reference samples" of one of three hundred lines of these animals and also how she behaves. Methods of genetics have got into cynology quite recently and still widely aren't used. Wynne and his colleagues have met this lack, having collected DNA samples at about thousands of stray dogs who are thrown out by owners on streets and got to receivers in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, and in the Californian San Diego. When the new dog comes to such nurseries, their employees define their breed, using traditional film logical methods. Geneticists have checked, how well they cope with this task, having compared genomes of these dogs and "standards" of their estimated breeds and also with scraps of DNA of other dogs. In general, workers of shelters not bad coped with determination of breeds of "genetically clean" dogs – in such cases of their guess coincided with results of DNA tests in 67% of cases. On the other hand, similar animals



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