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Criminal teenagers have made a revolution - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

Dmitry Lekukh © RIA Novosti / Vadim Zhernov to Pass into an image bank In St. Petersburg have detained the teenagers beating прохожихВ stories with "the St. Petersburg gang of teenagers" the most opposite nuance, of course, in her impunity realized by all. And not some figurative, but literal. For those who didn't watch, we will remind (the version of events still preliminary, too big business). On the twenty fourth of August in the cultural capital the group of minors has decided to have fun a little. The first victims teenagers have planned at once after the meeting: near Tavricheskaya Street two guys and two girls communicated. Guys, even without trying to discover any occasions, an otmolotila make-shifts, girls were a little cut with "rosettes" from the broken bottles. Then have killed with legs the elderly woman, have broken a jaw to the mathematics teacher who has tried to stop them, have beaten several more people. Took away bags from passersby, those who showed resistance — beat. It is the most cruel as soon as could — could, fortunately, not really strongly. Age of all "fighters" of 14-16 years, among "flowers of life" there are two girls approximately of the same age. To steam of strong children before "outfitting", have put behind bottles on the head. Everything as local mass media report, 16 people have suffered from results of walk of young children. Well and so. First, participants of gang of police were well-known. There are offenders, one even it seems sat few years. Secondly — two had had "special bracelets". That is young people are now under house arrest which, however, have chucked in. And thirdly — according to the victims, the police well extremely reluctantly accepted statement.© to Pass with Fedorenko RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank the Deputy has explained teenage aggression with reform of an obrazovaniyaa if all incident hasn't drawn attention of federal media and wild noise (after which teenagers were exemplary it is indicative are arrested, and ringleaders have appeared in the pre-trial detention center) — they wouldn't be made and now were with us in full strength. And so. The police here too can be understood. To contact "young children" for her — piece very unpleasant. The law is so arranged. In any case police: even if the beaten adult will risk to answer rigidly minors, with very high probability not they will go to a cage, but he. © the road accident and state of Emergency Group | St. Petersburg | Peter Online | SPb on social network "VKontakte" "They washed-up". The gang of teenagers has beaten vacationers in the Peterburgakstati center, juvenile stars of the media sphere know it too (they prosharenny) — and use with youthful cynicism. To most of participants of gang "nothing" was simple: they, having bragged of feats on social networks, continue to lead full-fledged cheerful life. In spite of the fact that the court has sent leaders of group to the pre-trial detention center for two months, other members of gang continue to take to the streets. And, speak, are going to meet cheerfully the companions on AUE which as they quite reasonably assume, in few months can be released. Having received as at most "условняк". That



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