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Credit Suisse has frozen the assets connected with Russia for 5 billion dollars - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti. Credit Suisse, the second-large bank in Switzerland, I have frozen the assets connected with Russia for the total amount about 5 billion Swiss francs (about 5 billion dollars), the Reuters tells, referring to the available agencies AFP 2018/Nicholas Kamm given from accounts.© the Political scientist: The USA is ready to cooperate only with those who carry out them komandyutochnyatsya that the financial organization has made such decision to avoid hit under the American sanctions. As the press secretary has said, the bank cooperates with the international regulators of the countries where it carries out work to provide observance of sanctions, including restrictive measures against Russia. As the head of the State Duma Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov has told RIA Novosti, the position of Credit Suisse represents blow to dollar and reputation of financial institutions. According to him, it can lead to destruction of a world financial order. Aksakov has hoped that in the nearest future the situation will be settled. © AP Photo/Chris O'Meara to Be or not to be … At the USA with sanctions something has gone not такВ the turn, the first deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Sergey Kalashnikov has said that the decision of Credit Suisse keeps within logic of the anti-Russian sanctions. According to him, one of the directions of it "the anti-Russian vector" — the aspiration to take out "God's" the financial flows relating to Russia". Also senator called the decision of the Swiss bank "precedent". The USA has on various pretexts imposed a large number of sanctions against Russia. A part of restrictive measures is imposed according to the order of the president, and he has the right to remove them. However the others have been applied on the basis of the law "About Counteraction to Opponents of America through Sanctions" adopted by the congress. Sanctions against citizens and the companies which allegedly "are involved in cyber attacks against the USA" concern them. It is impossible to cancel these sanctions without the consent of legislature. © Photo: SANA Logical paradox. The USA "has found" the lever of pressure upon Rossiyuvosmy of August U.S. authorities announced the next sanctions against Moscow because of "has put Skripalya". The first package of sanctions has come into force on Wednesday. Measures concern restrictions for deliveries to Russia of production of dual purpose. Washington says that the USA will continue to impose sanctions against Russia if it "doesn't change the behavior".



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