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"Crazy" White House. Who and why the world by Trump - RIA Novosti frightens, 9/8/2018

The U.S. President Donald Trump in the Oval office of the White House in Washington. August 27, 2018
MOSCOW, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti, Ksenia Melnikova. Eccentrical, unpredictable and energetic, the U.S. President Donald Trump has fallen out with the press, has incited against himself many politicians and even representatives of own administration. On Tuesday, September 11, there is a book "Fear: Trump in the White House" in which the American leader is compared to the fifth-grader, and the atmosphere at his office — with a madhouse. However this "fifth-grader" acts as the skilled manager, one by one realizing the conceived projects. "He is an idiot. It is useless to try him though to convince of something. He has gone off the rails. We in a madhouse. I don't even understand why someone from us is here. It is the worst work in which I ever was engaged" — so, according to the legendary journalist Bob Vudvord, the head of his administration John Kelly has spoken the president. Around the book "Fear: Trump in the White House" which will appear on book shelves in day, special for the USA — on September 11 has already inflamed scandal. Vudvord has become famous at the time of government of the president Richard Nixon. It he has disclosed to the whole world details of the Watergate scandal which has led to resignation of the head of state. To the present owner of the White House Vudvord wasn't too soft on epithets, having called him "the fifth-grader understanding nothing in world politics". The president Trump, by tradition, behind a word hasn't got into a pocket. "Vudvord works for democrats. Have noticed what it is dated for?" — he has written on twitter, hinting at the intermediate congressional elections which are coming on November 6. "This book no other than the invented stories which were told by the former dissatisfied employees, they have invented anything to blacken the president" — have reacted in the White House. Vudvord claims that most of all Trump irritates the continuing investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Müller about the Russian intervention in an election campaign of 2016 of REUTERS/Win McNamee/Pool In Twitter have laughed at Trump applauding itself during six minute gives the president's conversation with the American Minister of Defence James Mattis which has taken place in April, 2017. Then Washington Khan-Sheykhun of Idlib Governorate has suspected the leader of Syria Bashar al-Assad of use of chemical weapon in a year. According to Vudvord, furious Trump called in the Pentagon with requirements: "Let's kill him to devils! Let's troops send. Let's kill, what the hell for, there as much as possible". Next day after the announcement of the book Vudvorta the The New York Times newspaper has published an anonymous column in which the U.S. President was characterized so: "It is impossible to tell what he will have on mind in a minute". The edition claims that the author — the senior representative of administration who hasn't wanted to reveal the name. The anonymous author reports that "many high-ranking officials diligently work on to allowing realization him (Trump. — Editor's note) plans and the worst projects". "The problem is that the president behaves immorally. All who work with him, know that he tends to accept impulsive ре



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