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Conte has accused the European Union of a divergence of words and affairs on a situation with migrants - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

ROME, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti, Sergey Startsev. The prime minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte has subjected to serious criticism inability of EU countries to make new decisions in the field of migration policy, including for permission of the crisis situation which has developed around the ship of the Italian coast guard Diciotti.© AFP 2018/Angelos Tzortzinis European Commission has responded to threats of Italy not to pay contributions to Esmoryaki Diciotti's budget on August 15 have lifted aboard 177 migrants who were in distress in the Maltese territorial waters of the Mediterranean Sea. When Italians have requested permission to bring the saved people to one of ports of this island state from the authorities of Malta, Valletta has refused. After this Diciotti five days I was in a zone of the Italian island of Lampedusa, expecting the decision of Rome, and only on Monday evening I brought refugees from Africa to Sicily. However the Interior Minister of Italy, the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini hasn't granted permission for disembarkation of migrants to the coast and has demanded that the solution of this problem has been found at the European level with use of practice of distribution of migrants between EU countries. © AP Photo/Olmo Calvo Have rebelled: Italy sends the saved migrants of obratn Friday in Brussels the informal meeting of the European sherpas on problems of migration in which representatives of 12 EU countries, including, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy and France have participated has taken place. According to the representative of the European Commission Alexander Vinterstein, these negotiations had technical character and at this stage "it wasn't necessary to expect concrete decisions". According to information from diplomatic sources, the meeting has ended without results including concerning the future of the migrants who are on Diciotti. "Italy is forced to take into consideration that Europe has missed a fine opportunity today: she couldn't make break in the field of an immigration perspective in the direction of the principles of solidarity and responsibility though they are constantly proclaimed as fundamental values of the European order" — Conte has written to Facebook. The prime minister has emphasized that during today's meeting which is urgently convened by European Commission no steps to development of the decisions made at the last meeting of the European Council in June have been taken. Moreover, some states of the EU have suggested to return back and recognize Italy as the place for reliable disembarkation of migrants while other European countries would agree to take part only in distribution of the migrants having the right for granting a shelter.© of AFP 2018/Angelos Tzortzinis Italy has accused the European Union of default on obligations of reception мигрантовОднако such refugees make only the minimum part from all migrants who arrive in Europe by sea, Conte has emphasized. "We once again note a divergence between words and affairs which turns into hypocrisy" — the Italian prime minister summarized. As local media knew from sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy, after the ineffectual meeting in Brussels pass



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