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Climatologists have found out why rains and a heat became "infinite" - RIA Novosti, 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug — RIA Novosti. Rains and episodes of a heat became unusually long because of sharp changes in the nature of the movement of the winds over America, Europe and Asia connected with warming of the Arctic in recent years. About it climatologists write in the Nature Communications.© AP Photo/Manish Swarup magazine Scientists: the abnormal summer heat will affect 74% of the population of Earth by 2100 "All our planet cover huge streams of air which we call "planetary waves". Our observations show that emissions of greenhouse gases have begun to influence their work, hindering their distribution and the movement. When such waves "get stuck", they, in fact, "freeze" weather therefore rains turn into floods, good weather — into heat waves, and droughts — into the most powerful fires" — Hans Schnellnhuber from Institute of climatological researches in Potsdam (Germany) tells. So-called extreme weather events — the periods of an abnormal heat in the winter or cold weather in the summer, the heat waves, week pouring rains, droughts and other phenomena connected with the "wrong" weather are considered as one of consequences of global warming. For example, a flood in Krymsk in 2012 and a summer heat in Russia in 2010 are considered as one of the most striking examples of the similar phenomena today. Frequency of the similar phenomena in the future will only grow in process of further development of global warming, and they will cover the increasing territories. It will bring as show calculations of the western climatologists, to sharp increase in mortality — each "excess" degree of a heat will raise number of the died people for five percent in the summer. As Schnellnhuber notes, many people have begun to notice in recent years that weather in summer months changes not so quickly as it happened in the past — hot days have turned into weeks of a heat, and rains sometimes continue till several days. It causes the fires, floods and other cataclysms causing a huge loss to economy and claiming the lives of hundreds of people. © Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Cambelltown Ecologists: the heat wave in Australia "has welded" thousands flying mysheynemetsky climatologists have become interested in this problem and have tried to open her roots, studying the data collected by earth-based meteorological stations and satellites during similar anomalies. Having analysed these data, scientists have compared them to the fact that predicted computer climatic models in hope to find a root of these strange weather "frost". As it has appeared, almost all these events have been generated by the fact that temperatures in the Arctic grew much above in recent years, than in other regions of Earth. Thanks to it the difference between the Polar region, midlatitudes and tropics has considerably fallen in temperature that has sharply changed the nature of the movement of winds in an upper atmosphere. In the past as explain scientific, so-called planetary waves, or jet currents, freely walked on the atmosphere of Earth, moving from the West the East and evenly distributing heat on those latitudes where they exist. © RIA Novosti / It is scarlet



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