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Citizens of Georgia have told about the relation to Russia - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

TBILISI, 2 Sep – RIA Novosti. Citizens of Georgia would like renewal of diplomatic relations with Russia and consider that problems in the relations of two countries can be solved by dialogue. Georgia has broken off on September 2, 2008 diplomatic relations with Russia in response to recognition by Moscow of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Representatives of the new government of Georgia who have come to the power following the results of elections in October, 2012 called one of the main priorities of foreign policy normalization of the relations with the Russian Federation. The same political force has won a victory at parliamentary elections in 2016. In the conditions of lack of diplomatic relations dialogue between Russia and Georgia is supported within the Geneva discussions and regular meetings of the special representative Georgian prime minister Zurab Abashidze and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin which are taking place in Prague. The format of meetings doesn't provide consideration of political affairs, on them especially specific problems are solved — renewal of trade, transport connection, cultural and humanitarian cooperation.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontov to Pass into an image bank Russia not against recovery of diplomatic relations with Georgia, has declared Medvedevkorrespondent of RIA Novosti has communicated to residents of Tbilisi and has found out that they think of friendship with Russia and about the decision of the Georgian authorities 10 years ago to break off diplomatic relations. So, the 52-year-old resident of Tbilisi Bezhan Samsonidze considers that severance of diplomatic relations won't bring benefit to any state. "The Georgian authorities, in particular (ex-president Mikhail) of Saakashvili, because of the mistakes made in 2008, have broken off diplomatic relations with Russia, but it has occurred after Russia recognized independence of two regions. It could be avoided, and we wouldn't remain with the lost 20% of territories" — he has told. According to Samsonidze, "every day we hear on TV statements of our politicians that we will be able to return the lost territories peacefully and the fact that Abkhazians will want to join us as Georgia will soon prosper". "I think, people don't trust in it. Dialogue with Russia is necessary, negotiations with Abkhazians and Ossetians are necessary, the relations will be only this way restored and problems are solved" — the resident of Tbilisi considers. Other female resident of the capital Marina Emukhvari has told that she is from Abkhazia and doesn't see yet any prospects to return to the house. "We had hope to return to the house in Abkhazia till 2008, but after official recognition of independence by Russia and after diplomatic relations have finally been broken off, it is necessary only to dream of it" — she has told. "All know, Georgia has broken off diplomatic relations, but there have passed so many years, really so everything will remain? My relatives refugees live in Moscow, it became a little easier as now there is an opportunity to make the visa and to visit them, but concrete steps for the solution of other problems are necessary. I consider that it is possible to return the lost territories only having agreed with Russia therefore the authorities have to work" —



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