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Chinese executions. A master class in fight against corruption - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti, Igor Gashkov. In China "fight against tigers and flies" — the national campaign for corruption eradication begun in 2012 by the leader of the country Xi Jinping continues. Six years later Beijing reports about results: under the investigation — one million three hundred thousand officials, including 76 former ministers. Critics accuse the chairman Xi and his team of squaring of accounts. But heads of the state are sure: preservation of the party power.© of REUTERS/Damir Sagolj/File Photo depends on progress in fight against corruption the Patience has burst: China has begun to sell SShAS national debt malfeasances of government employees in China two organizations fight: party commission on inspection of discipline and national committee on supervision. In the first years of an anti-corruption campaign the initiative belonged to party control. The system under the name "Shuanggui" has been created: suspects were placed in prisons where expected voluntary recognition from them. According to human rights activists, such conclusion could last up to six months and provided full isolation — the immediate family didn't know about location of the official even. For the whole world the possible corrupt official disappeared and appeared, only to sit down on a dock. In the spring of this year the shuanguy methods have softened, but the coverage of suspects has increased. The committee on supervision created according to Xi Jinping's order was engaged in abuses among the government employees who aren't consisting in party. In Beijing the new anti-corruption structure watches administrative personnel of public institutions, since schools and hospitals. Under observation about five percent of the population of the megalopolis have got - it is about one million people. Interest of law enforcement authorities is attracted by all who are related to distribution of budgetary funds. It is established that the main kind of corruption which has struck China — inappropriate expenditure of money, is frequent in the form of undeserved awards. On the second place — "gifts", that is bribes. Fighters against corruption pay attention and to illegal use of state property for personal reasons, the speech usually goes about vehicles. © AFP 2018/Saul Loeb of Pompeo has considered China by bigger threat for the USA, than Rosxiyudo Xi Jinping the Chinese authorities preferred to punish corrupt officials publicly. In the Criminal code of Celestial Empire there are 45 articles prescribing a capital punishment. At Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin in China executions were regularly held. In the 2011th, for example, have shot the high-ranking party leaders — the vice-mayor of Hangzhou Xiu Mayong and the deputy head Xiuzhou Chiang Rengjie. In six years of government of Xi Jinping the Chinese officials have got used to other rules. Executed only one — the vice-mayor Lyuylyan Zhang Chzhunshena for bribes for the total amount of 160 million dollars. However the number of cases against corrupt officials has grown in a geometrical progression. As for executions, the authorities regulated this question: in the 2016th have adopted the law under which execution relies for embezzlement of public funds upon the sum more than 463 thousand dollars. Giving бо



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