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China pereshpionit Russia. As so left - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

Dmitry Kosyrev, the political analyst of IIA Russia Today © AP Photo/Evan Vucci can argue With China, without quarreling: it is proved only чтоВся Hillary Clinton's correspondence (from personal mail in her stay by the Secretary of State) it was accurately copied by the Chinese hackers. What I have reported at first Daily Caller, then to Fox News about, and further and personally the president Donald Trump in next series of morning tweets. And though the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Huang Chunying explains now that such statements — "nothing new", especially taking into account that worldwide the American hackers create, the People's Republic of China is already accused. Further not some media, but the head of the American counterintelligence (Office of the National Counterintelligence) William Evanina declares quite officially: Chinese hire to themselves the American agency through Linkedin. That has already removed "perhaps, millions" (actually as it has become clear, "less than forty") hostile accounts. The vigilance is necessary. As it becomes (according to the counterspy): cyberspies start in social networks contacts not only and not just with government officials how many with experts in the field of supercomputers, nuclear energy, nanotechnologies, semiconductors and on trifles — health care, hybrid cultures, seeds and "green energy". That is there is a large-scale plunder of technologies. The careless Americans who aren't knowing that the enemy — everywhere, mention the name of institutions where worked in the biographies (especially in professional network LinkedIn). And it is sometimes such institutions that the fact of their existence is already confidential. And so on. © Without restraint rich Asians threaten with AP Photo/Andrew Harnik to "black panthers" That is the Russian championship in a part of espionage blasting America and the other West thaws. We, of course, remain in the list of the ominous countries pulling to America invisible fingers through Internet space, but China, it seems, comes out on top. And America begins to see under each bed first of all Chinese. Spies with the Beijing communications are caught to broad nonsense. The old story about fight against the great philosopher Confucius proceeds. Have just closed the next Institute of Confucius teaching the American students to language and the culture of China — this time in northern Florida. The stock of the congress which has forbidden to the Pentagon to open the courses Chinese at those universities of the country where Confucius is dangerously close has helped. And it is only a part of the picture.© AP Photo/Andy Wong the Chinese media: fight against America is for a long time, but her it is possible vyigratvoznikat a question — what occurs? It is possible to react the words of the British teacher long ago working in Hong Kong: it is paranoia. It is possible to say that if the great nation begins to be afraid to such an extent ideological (up to language and philosophy) or network influence of any agents of other state, then with this nation something not so. But there is more practical question: how in general does the American elite and the power see future relations with China? Just every week we learn about the next tariff restrictions for that



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