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China has put into operation the high-speed railroad Guangzhou-Hong Kong-RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

BEIJING, 23 Sep – RIA Novosti. The high-speed branch line of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong on Sunday is completely brought into operation, it is said in the statement on the website of the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. © AFP 2018/Stringer China discusses the project of the high-speed railroad Harbin-Vladivostokofitsialnaya the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong site was held on Saturday, and the first train at number G5736 has gone from the Western Kowloon station in the direction of the northern railway station of the city of Shenzhen of the Chinese province of Guangdong on Sunday at 7:00 local time (2:00 Moscow time), and already at 7:19 (2:19 Moscow time) has arrived in the destination. Almost at the same time, at 6:44 (1:44 Moscow time) towards to him the train G5711 has left Shenzhen. The trip in Hong Kong to Guangzhou will take only 47 minutes now. The idea to connect the high-speed railroad Hong Kong and two most developed megalopolises of the southern China has arisen in 2008. Construction of the Hong Kong site 26 kilometers long has begun in 2010, however has strongly dragged on because of protests of opposition and the shortage of financing. At the same time the site of Guangzhou-Shenzhen is brought into operation in 2011. Thanks to opening of the new site of the railroad Hong Kong I have received through traffic to 44 stations on continental China. For example, the trip from Beijing to Hong Kong which are located at distance of nearly 2 thousand kilometers from each other will take only 8 hours 58 minutes now. The ticket price in the house-keeper a class is about 1 thousand yuans (about 150 dollars). © RIA Novosti / Igor Ageenko to Pass into an image bank of the Russian Railway have begun to build in Serbia high-speed iron dorogupr it as has reported consulate general of Russia in Hong Kong, "for convenience of passengers points of border and customs control of Hong Kong and continental China are located in the railway terminal of Hong Kong, in this regard the station is divided into two zones: "Port of Hong Kong" and "Port of continental China". The Russian diplomatic mission notes that "it will be reflected in an order of rendering the consular help if the consular help is required to the Russian citizen who is in "Porto of Hong Kong" will be reported about it in consulate general of Russia in Hong Kong if the passenger is in "Porto of continental China" — in consulate general of Russia in Guangzhou".



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