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Children of the smoking mothers become more often cross-eyed, scientists - RIA Novosti, have found out 11/7/2018

MOSCOW, 7 Nov – RIA Novosti. Large-scale observations of the smoking pregnant women have shown that this addiction increases probability of development of squint in their children approximately by 1,5 times. The doctors who have published the conclusions in the Acta Ophthalmologica.© Depositphotos/jukai5 magazine Scientists write about it called the main danger of smoking during pregnancy" Smoking during pregnancy becomes one of the main problems in health care, especially in developing countries today. How it influences a condition of eyes of children, should be considered to both doctors, and all public" — Zuxun Lu from the Scientific and technological university in Wuhan (China) has said. According to official WHO statistics, smoking during pregnancy is the main reason of different emergence of problems with health in mother, a fruit and the child in the majority of the developed countries of the world. On average, every fifth of abortions at future mothers in the USA and Great Britain is connected with smoking and also about 7% of still births. Besides the increased infantile mortality, in recent years scientists have found a set of negative effects for health of future children connected with smoking. It has turned out that tobacco smoke changes structure of proteinaceous "packing" of DNA of the child, do it more inclined to autism, obesity, asthma and many other diseases. Harmful was not only a tobacco smoke, but also even his traces on clothes, furniture and other objects of the environment where there lives the child. Relatively recently scientists have found hints that secondary and tertiary smoking increases risk of development of deafness in the child, ADHD and many other not most obvious violations of development. © Fotolia/prostooleh Scientific: smoking during pregnancy can deprive of the child слухаЛю and his colleagues have opened one more example of negative action of addictions of future mother on an organism her yet not been born children, having analysed the data collected during two tens observations of health about five thousand babies and teenagers suffering from squint and also 80 thousand healthy children. Scientists were interested in what risk factors contribute to the development of similar problems, including early childbirth and "bad" heredity and also possible ways of their protection against emergence of violations in work of eyes. This analysis unexpectedly has shown that addictions of mother were one of the most significant risk factors in development of squint. On average, children of the smoking mothers 1,5 times more often suffered from this disease, and the probability of her acquisition grew together with tobacco "dose". © RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass into an image bank Scientists: smoking changes the child's DNA in a womb the continent to an example, the risk of development of squint in children of the women smoking less than ten cigarettes a day increased approximately by 17% whereas at more chain smokers he grew to 80%. For some kinds of violations in work of eyes, such as the meeting or dispersing squint, the risk grew approximately twice. As Lu emphasizes, similar communication between smoking and squint was an odina



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