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Chemists have found out how to keep life to tooth after removal of a nerve - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti. Scientists from the USA have created the polymeric material keeping a pulp and other parts of tooth "live" after removal of a nerve. The first results of their experiences have been presented at the annual conference of the American chemical society which was taking place in Boston.© Depositphotos/SimpleFoto Scientists from Canada have created "eternal" seals for teeth "Instead of cutting out actually all internal parts of tooth, stomatologists can just drill a small opening, remove the damaged parts of a pulp and fill in our hydrogel. The antibiotic will destroy an infection, will keep life to tooth and will help him to restore itself" — Vivek Kumar from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA) tells. Teeth of the person and other mammals consist of "dead" enamel and several "live" parts — dentine, a pulp and nervous tissue. At rather serious damages of the first two layers stomatologists often should delete a nerve and to fill the tooth rest with gutta-percha and the sealing-up material. Similar operation as it is accepted to speak in use, kills tooth — all his fabrics die off, blood supply stops, and the immunity ceases to protect his internal cavities. If in them there were bacteria which have got there during development of caries then nothing will interfere with their reproduction that will lead to further destruction of tooth and mass of unpleasant complications. For this reason stomatologists usually delete not only a nerve, but also all pulp and carefully smooth out enamel and dentine.© the Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina Uchenye have created the nanoparticles protecting teeth from кариесаКумар and his colleagues have found an alternative of similar strategy of "scorched earth", having created special hydrogel which at the same time prevents microbes to breed and forces the damaged tissues of tooth to restore itself(himself). It contains a large amount of the proteins similar on structure to the hormones stimulating growth of vessels and tooth fabric in a germ and also a molecule of antibiotics and various substances preventing decomposition of other part of hydrogel. Having confirmed his work on the cultures of cells of tooth tissue of rats, scientists have checked what will occur if to enter him in damaged the rodent painter. As it has appeared, hydrogel not only protected a pulp and a nerve from death, but also forced dentine to restore the damaged mineral parts of tooth. In passing it has become clear that the first version of hydrogel was unstable and decayed in several weeks after her introduction to tooth, still before it managed to be restored. Uchenye have changed structure of proteinaceous threads and have made them stabler. © RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov to Pass into an image bank Uchenye have found out how there were teeth at the first ancestors the chelovekanovy version of hydrogel, according to Kumar, passes "field tests" now on dogs to whom deleted nerves recently. If these experiments end successfully, scientists plan to begin clinical tests on volunteers. Shortly, as the scientist hopes, their child will considerably change the relation of patients to removal of nerves and about



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