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Chemists from Russia have created "quantum" polyethylene - RIA Novosti, 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug — RIA Novosti. Scientists from MSU and MEPhI have turned polyethylene into the "quantum" material absorbing ultraviolet and transforming him to visible light. He will increase the efficiency of solar batteries and will become a basis of futuristic displays and the systems of data recording, scientists write in article published in the Polymer International.© Fotolia/Du magazine š by an Zidar Scientists have turned green tea into the most powerful cancer medicine "the composite material Received by us has, on the one hand, fluorescent properties of quantum points, on the other hand — mechanical properties of polyethylene. It is transparent in visible area of a range, is steady against high temperature and at the same time keeps optical properties at mechanical loadings" — Valery Shibayev, the chemist from Lomonosov Moscow State University whose words are cited by the press service of the Russian scientific fund tells. Quantum points represent small designs from semiconductor pieces in which there is a special area, a so-called potential hole. Thanks to it similar objects can behave as the peculiar artificial "atoms" capable to absorb and radiate electromagnetic waves. Similar structures are actively used in medicine and the industry for production of various shining "paints" for bodies, displays of TVs and monitors, as a basis of light-emitting diodes and lasers and for a set of other purposes today. Shibayev and his colleagues have found new application for quantum points, having liquidated their main shortcoming — high fragility and impossibility of creation of strong material on their basis, capable to "independently" resist various mechanical loadings. © Fotolia/montebell "The Got Lost Electrons" will help scientists to create from the Russian Federation quantum kompyyuterizuchy properties of the organic substances used as "cover" of quantum points, the Russian scientists have noticed that these molecules will well connect to single links in threads of polyethylene and many other polymers. Having checked this theory on "preparations" of PDMA polymer, one of "cousins" of plexiglas, Shibayev's team has tested whether it is possible to force quantum points to get into the time which is present at sheets from polyethylene or polypropylene and to connect to their threads. © RIA Novosti / Kirill Braga to Pass into an image bank In MEPhI have developed microcapsules with quantum points for diagnostics ракаКак it has appeared, it is really possible to make it, dissolving nanoparticles in organic solvent and soaking polymeric sheets in this solution. When scientists have removed solvent and have fixed quantum points in polyethylene by means of other polymer, they have received the transparent "clever material" consisting approximately on the fifth part of similar structures. The first experiences with it "quantum polyethylene" have shown that he is able to absorb ultra-violet radiation and to turn him into blue color. It allows to use him for increase in efficiency of solar batteries and protection against ultraviolet, and other types of quantum points which are built in polymeric sheets can be applied for соз



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