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Chemists from MSU have created ideal nanoparticles for solar batteries - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Russian scientists have learned to produce very precisely and cheap the photon crystals capable to form a basis of solar batteries and light computers of the future. The description of a technique of their production has been published in the Electrochemistry Communications.© Zograf et al magazine. / Nano Letters 2017 the Russian scientists have created the nanoparticles from silicon "burning" cancer "the techniques of anodizing Applied earlier didn't allow to receive materials with high degree of frequency of structure. We have developed a new technique which allows to control very precisely thickness of layers with various porosity in the formed oxidic film" — Sergey Kushnir, the research associate of chemical faculty of MSU tells. In recent years scientists have created several artificial materials, the unusual optical structures turning waves of one look into other types of electromagnetic radiation. For example, in 2012 physicists from the USA has created the device turning light into microwave, and in 2014 other group of scientists has developed a prototype of "infrared" light lenses, experimenting with decanter pieces. Many similar designs "breaking" laws of classical optics can increase considerably the efficiency of operation of solar batteries, to become a basis of light computers and to improve the accuracy of many other light devices. The problem is that they need to be made with very high precision that does them either expensive, or unsuitable to industrial use. Kushnir and his colleagues have solved this problem for one of such "wonderful materials", photon crystals. They represent set of a set of pieces of the different substances having different optical and dielectric properties. Their combination which is laid out in certain "pattern" – a crystal – behaves as a uniform object with "impossible" characteristics. © Photo: Scientific Michel Milinkovitch: the camouflage of chameleons is constructed on the basis of photon nanotekhnologiykak scientists tell, chemists have for a long time learned to receive similar structures, passing current through the electrodes from the titan shipped in water and changing in a special way tension and current. These fluctuations of electricity will gradually oxidize one of titanic plates and to turn it into the porous material consisting of a set of photon crystals. Similar crystals are cheap in production, however they have rather poor quality as length of layers of emptiness and the titan in them rather strongly varies. The Russian chemists have studied how there are similar defects in photon crystals, and have picked up a new combination of electric impulses which didn't lead to their emergence. © Illustration of RIA Novosti. A. Polyanina Fiziki: scarab beetles will help to accelerate the Internet in several program razet of production of nanoparticles as researchers write, considered not only fluctuations in force and tension of current, but also the general charge which was passed through a titanic plate. Similar modification of this technique of creation of photon crystals has allowed



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