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"Casual" nuclear war doesn't happen, the expert - RIA Novosti, considers 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. The start of any intercontinental ballistic missile will be perceived as the beginning of nuclear war, regardless of what warhead on her is established therefore it is impossible to say that nuclear war can begin by mistake, the military expert the editor-in-chief of the Natsionalnaya Oborony magazine Igor the Korotchenko.Cc0/National Nuclear Security Administration/Nevada Site Office / Military the political scientist has told RIA Novosti: nuclear war can "accidentally" be begun? Problem – in the Ssharany edition The National Interest has published article about risk of the beginning of nuclear war. According to the edition, she can begin because of impossibility of some systems of tracking arms to distinguish what weapon is used in a concrete case that can lead to wrong nuclear attack in response to rockets with usual warheads. "A priori it is considered that all MBR bear nuclear warheads therefore there can't be a "casual" nuclear war. The fact of start-up — it has actually begun wars. The USA tries to advance the idea that at them on a part of ballistic missiles usual warheads can be established, but upon we can't know that there will be established therefore initially is accepted that ballistic missiles bear nuclear warheads. Therefore the blow by ballistic missiles causes nuclear war, here very simple algorithm. I don't understand about what blurring there is a speech, nobody waits when nuclear explosion sounds" — Korotchenko has told. According to him, in Russia and the USA the missile warning system consisting of land and space echelons operates. Launches of ballistic missiles are fixed then their trajectory is defined and if the fact of the attack is confirmed, reciprocal actions "in the form of reciprocal and counter or reciprocal blows" are taken. "Fixing always goes on start-up of MBR. Here everything is simple and clear, all algorithms are fulfilled to perfection. The risk of the mutual guaranteed destruction constrains the USA from the beginning of World War III" — the expert has added. At the same time Korotchenko has noted that the USA and Russia direct notices each other when carrying out test and educational and fighting start-up of MBR, and "the SPRN system accurately defines the area of defeat after calculation of a ballistic trajectory of the found purpose". At the same time test start-up are carried out on grounds. The commander of Strategic command of the USA general John Hayten at the beginning of August has said that the USA has to be the dominating nuclear power and not assume that her opponents had comparable military opportunities. Among the main opponents he called Russia and China which actively develop the nuclear and space military opportunities "for opposition of the USA". At the same time Hayten recognized that such actions of these countries are the response to actions of the USA. He has made the statement for couple of days till 73rd anniversary of atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Nagasaki by the American Air Force.



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