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Canary Islands on plank beds: what criminals receive the VIP-status in prisons - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. Red caviar, boiled crabs and the shish kebab roasted to a golden crust — the menu of the ex-participating of Kushchevskaya gang Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz would envy many. This week on the Internet photos of magnificent life of the criminal condemned on the case of massacre and serving sentence in maximum security penal colony in the Amur region have emerged. According to FSIN, it is pictures of three-year prescription. Now several security agencies were connected to check at once. About those who fit well — in material of RIA Novosti. Representatives of FSIN of Russia don't deny that pictures real and directly confirm violations of the rules of the internal schedule of colony.© of Depositphotos/cunaplus to Die behind bars. Why the concluded pre-trial detention centers commit suicide "Usually such picture is taken to send them to will and to show: the person is afraid of nothing. He shows that everything is permitted to him — the vice-president of the Moscow Public monitoring commission Anton Tsvetkov explains RIA Novosti. — However it is necessary to understand that with products relatives can give to the prisoner parcels and also he has the right to independently buy food in shop at colony". However, according to the lawyer of the ex-spouse Tsepovyaz of Natalya Strishnya, that in every possible way supported several years the ex-husband, but shish kebabs and crabs never sent him to colony. Therefore from shop at IK with those products that are imprinted on a photo, representatives of the Amur regional prosecutor's office are engaged in comparison of the range of goods now. "The problem also that in all places of detention it is forbidden to use cell phones, and tells their existence about direct violation of the mode — Tsvetkov considers. — Most often it occurs with participation or connivance of staff of colony". The Investigative Committee also was connected to check. In particular, the head of department Alexander Bastrykin has charged to give "a rigid legal treatment to actions of staff of colony who seek to facilitate serving sentence conditions to the person who has committed terrible crimes against the personality". It has turned out that Tsepovyaz lives in colony not the first year in grand style. "The repeated inspection which is carried out in October has shown that the violations connected with providing illegal privileges to the specified person continue — the official representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Alexander Kurennoy has reported. — In this regard we have directed check materials to investigating authorities for the solution of a question of initiation of legal proceedings concerning officials of correctional facility". As a result investigators have opened case on the article "Abuse of office". On her prescribes punishment up to ten years of imprisonment. According to SK, since January the 2015th till February of the 2018th the staff of colony for the benefit of Tsepovyaz "made the actions which are obviously going beyond their powers". The convict after the sensation which has risen in media was moved from the camera to the penal isolation center. We will remind that he was condemned on the case of the murder of 12 people committed



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