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Business Insider compared Ka-52 to American "Apache" - RIA Novosti, 06.12.2018

MOSCOW, 6 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Russian attack helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" and the American AH-64 "Apache" are considered as the best cars in the class, at the same time the helicopter of Kamov concern can brag of the bigger fire power and the best maneuverability, RIA Novosti / Andrey Stanavov writes the American Business Insider.© portal Terms of tests of the ship version of the Ka-52 helicopter will define until the end of years to article the mobility, arms and a design of two fighting vehicles are compared. So, the Russian helicopter has slightly the best maximum speed, "Apache" more than twice surpasses in the maximum flying range, however concedes to the American car on the maximum flight altitude a little, specifies the portal. At the same time the author notes that the design of Ka-52 with the coaxial layout of the bearing screws does the helicopter "extremely maneuverable". Besides, "Alligator" possesses various arms, such as anti-tank guided missiles "Whirlwind" and "Attack", rockets of the class "air surface" H-25ML, the uncontrollable S-8 rockets of caliber of 80 millimeters and also 30-millimeter gun 2A42, specifies the edition. At the same time the option of KA-52K (ship basing) is armed even with the anti-ship missiles H-35 which can hit the targets at distance to 130 kilometers, the author specifies. Can oppose to all this AH-64 16 AGM-114 Hellfire rockets of the class "air surface", 76 uncontrollable rockets of caliber of 70 millimeters and also the 30-millimeter gun, Business Insider writes. However, according to the edition, the last modification of "Apache" of AH-64E has "a trump in a sleeve": an opportunity to obtain data from UAVs and also to operate partially them. As a result the author comes to a conclusion that, despite the big fire power, the best maneuverability and a possibility of ejection of crew at Ka-52, "a winner with a small gap" is AH-64E as the American helicopter has ability actively to interact with the UAV.B of Russia showed on video a concept superfast vertoletaka-52 "Alligator" — the Russian attack helicopter of new generation. The car is capable to strike the armored and unarmoured equipment, manpower and air targets in the battlefield. Represents further development of the Ka-50 helicopter "Black shark". AH-64 Apache ("Apache") — the main attack helicopter of U.S. Army from the middle of the 1980th years. For 2014 is the second in prevalence attack helicopter in the world after Soviet Mi-24.



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