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Bullet not the silly woman. Why the Tula MTs is considered the best silent rifle in the world - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — RIA Novosti, Nikolay Protopopov. Powerful, exact and silent — specialists of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau have developed the next modification of the MTs-116M sniper rifle. This time under a silent cartridge. It is unlikely new weapon will become mass is the highly specialized tool intended for singular problems. The western experts already called a rifle "exclusively dangerous". About what opportunities she opens for the sniper — in material of RIA Novosti. The main difference new MTs-116M from most of competitors — firing by the special silent boss of caliber 12,7 millimeters. Old "lash" is the ammunition of the closed type providing relative noiselessness and a besplamennost due to locking of powder gases in a sleeve.© the RIA Novosti / Stringer to Pass into an image bank. Why the army can't refuse the Dragunovapri rifle a shot powder gases influence the piston pusher giving to a bullet initial acceleration. Then the piston moves forward and is got jammed in a forward part of a sleeve, locking powder gases which are gradually pitted through microscopic gaps. Such design assumes use of the weighted bullet and small amount of gunpowder that directly influences range of fire and indicators of ballistics. According to the editor-in-chief of the Kalashnikov magazine Mikhail Degtyarev, similar ammunition at the range, rather big for silent weapon, provides very high penetrative ability. "This rifle allows to solve quietly and effectively the problems inaccessible for weapon of normal calibers with devices of silent firing — Degtyarev has explained RIA Novosti. — The speech, of course, doesn't go about long distances — the rifle is effective at the range up to 400 meters. Her main advantage — the noiselessness, the characteristic very important from the point of view of tactics of fight and conditions of special application allowing or to make a repeated shot or is reserved to leave a position". © RIA Novosti / Yulia Chestnova to Pass Lethal stock into an image bank. The most unusual weapon of a spetsnazapodrazdeleniye of a special purpose arm with the most various sniper weapon today — from old Soviet SVD to the Austrian Mannlicher. However the vast majority of these rifles isn't capable to hit effectively the highly protected target in the silent mode, that is with the muffler. "The MTs-116M rifle is intended only for specially trained shooters when performing very narrow range of tasks. And MTs-116 won't become the main sniper weapon at all. From all shots which will be made by the sniper of special forces for all the career on this rifle only one-two percent is necessary" — the expert adds. It is obvious that modification MTs-116M with silent ammunition won't be made in large quantities. Experts consider that on set of characteristics this sniper rifle under a silent cartridge has no direct analogs neither in Russia, nor in the world today. Designers of the Tula KBP have created actually new silent "snayperka" on the basis of known the 7,62nd



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