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Brussels has forbidden to pack weighed out goods into not decomposed packages - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

BRUSSELS, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. The ban on packing of vegetables, fruit and other weighed out goods in not decomposed plastic packages has come into force since September 1 in supermarkets of Brussels, to clients of shops will suggest to weigh goods in paper packages, or in reusable fabric sacks which they have to bring with themselves. © RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoyev to Pass into an image bank In Brussels the street with the name "Will appear it is not the street" According to the order of the government of the Bruxelles capital region, since September 1 in all outlets of the city weighed out goods are forbidden to be packed into disposable plastic packages. Changes concern not only food products, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, nuts, but also goods of any category which are on sale by weight. However till 2020 as a transitional measure shops can continue to suggest buyers to weigh goods in plastic packages, but only completely processed. A year ago shops of Brussels have ceased to give disposable packages on cash desks. Measures are taken within an initiative of the authorities of the region of decrease in volume of plastic waste and decrease in impact on ecology. Local authorities declared 2018 earlier "year of zero waste". "Annually in Europe about 800 tons of disposable plastic packages are used. Considering that service life of such packages often several minutes, and decomposition term — from 100 to 400 years, they represent the huge massif of waste, without speaking about ecological harm for flora and fauna" — it is said in the statement of the Bruxelles state agency concerning power and preservation of the Bruxelles Environement.CC BY 2.0/velkr0/bags resources the Russian retail chain stores have told about disposal of plastic paketovbryusselsky retailers began to prepare for implementation of requirements several months prior to the introduction of the resolution in force. The Delhaize network has replaced plastic packages on paper, and the Colryut network in fruit and vegetable departments since summer offers biodegradable plastic packages. Cotton sacks in which it is possible to weigh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grain, dried fruits, for 0,75-1 euros for unit were also available for sale. In the expert environment, however, there is no unambiguous opinion on advantage of a transitional measure, that is an opportunity still to use biodegradable packages. "It seems to me, the following question — about exact structure of so-called biodegradable plastic packages and their influence on agriculture and also about the related health hazards is inevitable here" — the expert of the Belgian institute of ecology of the city Urban Ecology Simón de Muinc has told RIA Novosti. The Zero Waste Europe non-profit organization explains that process of decomposition of so-called "ecological" packages actually can borrow about one year therefore suggests to solve a problem of waste not by introduction of "bioplastic", but decrease in consumption of the goods packed into him and advance among consumers of reusable materials for packing.



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