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Britain has greeted referendum results in Macedonia - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

LONDON, 1 Oct – RIA Novosti, Maria Tabak. The Foreign Minister of Great Britain Jeremy Hunt considers a referendum in Macedonia a positive step and RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky urges the prime minister Zoran Zayev to work with parliament over reaching consensus concerning the future of the country.© to Pass into an image bank the Bloodsucker of a referendum. Macedonia has saved face. But, probably, not the imyapravitelstvo of Greece has signed on June 17 with the Republic Macedonia the contract which solves a long-term dispute on her name and discovers Skopje a way to NATO and the EU, but sparks criticism both in Greece, and in Macedonia. The parties have agreed about her renaming into the Republic Northern Macedonia. On Sunday in Macedonia there has taken place the advisory referendum with the question "Whether You Support the Accession to the EU and NATO with Adoption of the Contract between the Republic Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic?" a little more than 666 thousand people have participated in a plebiscite that has made less than 37% of the total number of voters. From the voted 91,46% have acted pro the agreement of Skopje and Athens, have rejected the contract of 6,56%. "Though the appearance also was below expectations, the referendum was a positive step for Macedonia. Taken part in vote in Macedonia clearly have let know that want to be a part of Euro-Atlantic community, and I call the prime minister (Zoran) of Zayev and his government to work with parliament over reaching consensus concerning the future of the country" — RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky is said to Pass in the statement of the Khanty.© transferred to RIA Novosti into an image bank them a little, but they for NATO. As there has passed the Macedonian referendumbritansky minister is sure that implementation of the Prespansky agreement between Greece and Macedonia on settlement of a dispute on the name will be the benefit for Macedonia and for the region. "It will open an opportunity for ensuring bigger safety, prosperity and the best prospects for youth of Macedonia. It will also give to Macedonia the chance to serve for the region as an example of what can be reached with courage, commitment and ability to look forward" — Hunt has specified. "Great Britain is proud of the fact that it is a longtime friend and the partner of Macedonia. We count on continuation and strengthening of this partnership in the future. And we look forward, in particular, day when we become partners in NATO – the door is still open" — the minister has added.



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