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Britain has curtailed investigation on money laundering from Russia - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep – RIA Novosti. The former unit manager of the National agency on fight against serious crimes of Great Britain (NCA) John Benton has said that in 2016 he has received the order to stop investigation on money laundering from Russia, the Telegraph.© newspaper of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Vitvitsky reports to Pass into an image bank In European Parliament called sanctions against Russia "the ridiculous farce" Benton has told the edition that in March, 2016 the British financier William Browder has reported him the file which is, presumably, containing information on money laundering in London by criminal group from Russia. After that Benton began to look for data which could confirm this information in the systems of the agency. "In about 8-10 weeks we had a sufficient package of documents which would approach. He demonstrated money laundering in Great Britain, there were enough data to start investigation on money laundering. We have been almost sure that it was money from the Russian Federation" — Benton has said. Then, according to him, he has received the order about the termination of investigation from the higher official connected with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "Have approached me and have invited to coffee and, in fact, have told that Bill Browder – a headache, and it is necessary to leave it (business – an edition)" — Benton has told. According to him, later this person once again addressed him and said that "we don't make investigation". © RIA Novosti / Alex Maknoton Pereyti in an image bank Moscow is ready to a serious conversation with London on business Skripaleyuilyam Browder — the international financier and the investor, the former employer of the auditor Sergei Magnitsky. In 1995-2007 Browder was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia, now lives in London, is put by Russia on the international wanted list. Browder is in absentia sentenced in Russia to nine years of imprisonment on "Magnitsky's business". The court has established that Magnitsky for the benefit of Browder in 1997-2002 has realized the illegal scheme of evasion of taxes, using the firms registered in Kalmykia and which were under control of Hermitage Capital. In March of the current year in Britain the law "About Sanctions and about Measures for Fight against Money Laundering" with the "Magnitsky's amendment" allowing the British authorities to impose sanctions against those who violate human rights has come into force. The law will be applied after an exit of Great Britain from the EU. The employee of large investment fund Hermitage Capital Management Sergei Magnitsky whom the Russian law enforcement agencies accused of tax frauds has died in the pre-trial detention center Matrosskaya Tishina in November, 2009, having stayed in the conclusion nearly a year. His death has caused a wide public response as in Russia, and abroad.



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