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Breast on tanks. Feats of participants of the Kursk fight - RIA Novosti, are declassified 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Tactical maps, magazines of fighting, prize sheets and instructions for extermination of enemy "tigers" — on Thursday on the website of the Ministry of Defence the section devoted to the 75 anniversary of completion of the Kursk fight has opened. The unique documents shedding light on dramatic episodes of the largest tank battle in world history are for the first time published. About the brightest feats of the Red Army men who haven't trembled in the face of armored armada of Wehrmacht — in material of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Ivan Shagin Pereyti in an image bank in Kursk the bitvelistovka of the Council of War of the Central front of August 14, 1943 tells Day of defeat of fascist troops about a feat of the sergeant Yakov Studennikov who has made a productive ambush on a chain of the coming Hitlerites. Together with the machine-gun calculation he has prepared the disguised flanking position which is slightly taken out forward from a first line of defense. And when Germans have already approached closely trenches, has opened heavy fire from "Maxim". The attack of the opponent who wasn't expecting blow from the flank has been broken. The chain of infantry has lain, and has right there struck the second machine gun her — on the other hand. "Studennikov didn't hurry. He has admitted the enemy on 30 meters and then has opened well-aimed fire on enemy to a column. Around bullets whistle and mines explode. The first number — the Red Army man Protsenko is wounded. And only then the sergeant takes in hand a machine gun. One for another he sends long queues to bandits. Absolutely nearby the mine has exploded, Studennikov is wounded in a hand, a leg and a breast. At the left other machine gun, and the attack of the fascists clamped in a fire vice opens fire at Germans chokes. The enemy moves back back, rushes about across the field of fight before our first line. Twelve machine-gun films were released by Studennikov on Germans, he has exterminated up to 300 fascist soldiers and officers in this fight. The sergeant remained to live that, having recovered from wounds, again to hammer the enemy". In a prize leaf on the Hero of the Soviet Union, the shooter of the 215th Guards shooting regiment, the Red Army man Alexey Lomakin, the opposite case is described — the fighter managed to suppress the flanking opponent's machine gun at the price of the life that has allowed his companions to break through the German line of defense. Actually he has repeated legendary Alexander Matrosov's feat. "On the twelfth of July, 1943, when the battalion, having transported through the Oka River, moved ahead, companion Lomakin has made a heroic act. In fight for mastering the village of Sivkovo advance of our parts was interfered by an enemy machine gun. Companion Lomakin has imperceptibly approached an enemy machine gun and has covered with the body an embrasure, having put, thus, out of operation an enemy machine gun. The heroic act companion Lomakin has given the chance to fighting orders of battalion to move ahead, having offered own life". The prize leaf on the Hero of the Soviet Union of guard corporal Kuzma Bisarev tells how the tipper-of of the 45-millimeter gun has personally destroyed 26 tanks of the opponent. The high effectiveness of the Soviet broneboyshchik is explained by special tactics. Tools



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