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Bishop of ROC: Vatican against intervention in a situation in the orthodox world - RIA Novosti, 11/6/2018

MOSCOW, 6 Nov — RIA Novosti. Vatican against any external intervention in the situation which has developed because of anticanonical actions of Constantinople in the orthodox world, the chairman of the department of external church relations (DECR) of the Moscow patriarchy Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Illarion considers. "We are convinced that local orthodox churches without any external intervention can and have to solve a situation which has developed in the orthodox world because of anticanonical actions of the Constantinople patriarchy in the cathedral way. I don't doubt, as Vatican holds the same opinion" — the metropolitan Illarion in an interview of RIA Novosti following the results of the meetings with the Pope Francis and the cardinal Curt Koch.© of AFP 2018/Ozan Kose In ROC has told have responded to the statement of Constantinople for "elimination" УПЦОтвечая on a question of whether it is possible to say that dialogue and cooperation with Catholics goes more successfully today, than with the Constantinople patriarchy, the head of OVTsS has noticed that it isn't correct "to compare somehow questions of interorthodox interaction and scope of communications with inoslavny churches, including the Roman Catholic Church" as "all this different levels of interaction". "At the same time the new situation in the orthodox world, of course, will have a certain impact on the course of orthodox and Catholic dialogue. Due to the actions of the Constantinople patriarchy the Russian Orthodox Church is forced to suspend participation in work of the Mixed international commission on theological dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox church" — the interlocutor of the agency has reported. Nevertheless, he has added, the bilateral relations between the Moscow patriarchy and the Roman Catholic Church will develop further. The speech, in particular, goes about cooperation in culture and in the sphere of student's exchange. "In a conversation with the Pope in general also the subject of a church situation in Ukraine has been mentioned on October 19. I have informed the father Francis of decisions of our Synod which became reaction to steps of Constantinople by recognition of leaders of the Ukrainian split and invasion into our church limits" — the metropolitan Illarion.© AFP 2018/Yasin Akgul In ROC has told have reacted to the cooperation agreement of Poroshenko and Varfolomeyaiz-za of the decision of Constantinople to begin granting uncanonical church to autocephaly in Ukraine which in ROC was called split the Synod of Russian Orthodox Church announced on October 15 a rupture of communication with the Constantinople patriarchy across all initial territory of ROC, including Ukraine and Belarus. The synod called canonically insignificant and has seen policy in cancellation by Constantinople of the act of 1686 of transfer of the Kiev metropolitanate to them in jurisdiction of the Moscow patriarchy. The metropolitan Illarion has said earlier that Constantinople has lost the right to be called the coordinating center of Orthodoxy. At the same time in ROC hope that Constantinople will change the decision to give autocephaly of the Ukrainian church, and before he will be in split.



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