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Biologists recognized laziness as "the main engine" of evolution - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug — RIA Novosti. The "laziest" animals and plants differing in extremely low speed of metabolism can be the main winners in an evolutionary race not most adapted, and. The evolutionists who have published article in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.© Fotolia/Dan Race magazine the Russian scientists have come to such conclusion have found out why mutation We haven't ruined mankind "have compared the speed of metabolism of the modern mollusks and their relatives who have died out in the last five million years. It has turned out that the died-out invertebrates on average had faster metabolism, than those types which exist today" — Luke Strotz from the university of Kansas in Lawrence (USA) tells. Development of almost all multicellular living beings two factors — natural and sexual selection operate. In the first case evolution the changing environment conditions, and in the second — the intraspecific competition for an opportunity to continue the sort conduct. This fight is won by the "brightest" individuals that leads to emergence of such useless jewelry as tails of peacocks or combs of roosters which don't help and prevent to survive. Today, as Strotz notes, scientists often argue on the nature of sexual selection and on how strongly he influences survival of types. At the same time the essence and mechanisms of natural selection don't cause a serious controversy among evolutionists, in fact, since the time of Charles Darwin and his first followers. "We tried to understand whether there are some other indicators of the fact that this or that look will survive or will die out, besides their fitness to the changing environment conditions. For example, we have thought whether the speed of metabolism can influence how long there is this or that look" — the biologist continues. © Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina Uchenye have found an example of "selfish" behavior геновДля the answer to this question Strotz and his colleagues have used that the structure of sinks of many species of clams and their Gastropoda of cousins directly reflects how their organism quickly works. Having collected sinks of three hundred species of nowadays existing and fossil mollusks living on coast of Atlantic in the last five million years scientists have calculated their body metabolic rate and have compared them among themselves. As it has appeared, "active lifestyle" had extremely negative effect on how long there were these species of invertebrates — the quicker there was a metabolism, the their evolutionary life was shorter. Especially brightly it was shown in the closed and overpopulated ecosystems from where it was rather difficult "to run away" and extend on other areas. What is interesting, each similar habitat had the average speed of metabolism which didn't change at emergence new and disappearance of old species of mollusks, despite sharp climate changes, mass extinctions and other cataclysms. © the RIA Novosti / Maxims Bogodvid Pereyti in an image bank the Main skeptic of Earth has told why never исчезнутВ the near future scientists plan to check baizes about the yeti, is observed



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