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Biologists have opened a secret of invulnerability cancer a metastasis - RIA Novosti, 8/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug — RIA Novosti. Metastatic cancer cells don't perish at hit in a blood-groove and bodies, "new" to themselves thanks to the fact that they well process the damaged proteins and other cellular "garbage". The molecular biologists who have published article in the magazine PNAS.© Emiko Paul, Quade Paul, Echo Medical Media have come to such conclusion; Ron Gamble, UAB Insight Biologists have found out how cancer cells begin "to walk" on an organism "When the cancer cell leaves native "house", she begins to have a huge stress. She begins to struggle against him, accelerating processing of "garbage" and its conclusion to the external environment. When we have disconnected lysosomes, main "incinerators" of cages, metastasises have ceased to grow" — Michael Morgan from the Colorado University in Aurora (USA) tells. As today scientists consider, the immune system usually not bad copes with control of primary tumors which cells are in them all the time. When cages gain ability to move independently, there are metastasises which the immune system for some reason just doesn't see and doesn't try to suppress cancer cells. On the current statistics of health services of the USA, about 90 percent of death of cancer patients come from metastasises. In recent years scientists have opened at once several mechanisms which allow cancer to bypass immune system and to extend on an organism. In certain cases his cages manage to get in certain immune little bodies and to force them "to carry" themselves by other parts of an organism, and in other cases they "forge" a peculiar molecular passport of stem cells, giving themselves for the growing wound. All this as Morgan notes, doesn't explain in any way why metastatic cages don't die in other bodies where other conditions of the environment and why many of them become impregnable for many types of chemotherapy dominate absolutely. © Depositphotos/vitanovski of Genetics have opened a new "signal of invulnerability" cancer kletoky the team accidentally has found the answer to this question, experimenting with various drugs which aren't connected directly with cancer therapy. During these experiences scientists processed them the cultures of the metastatic cancer cells which have "run away" from tumors in lungs and a bladder and watched their reaction to these molecules. As it has appeared, many types of metastasises can be destroyed, using a chloroquine and other medicines which are applied to treatment of malaria today. All these substances as scientists have found, have one general property — they suppress work of lysosomes, special organellas in which malarial parasites and also healthy and cancer cells of the person "burn" proteinaceous garbage. It has suggested to scientists an idea that lysosomes play especially important role in life of metastatic tumors. They have checked, whether so it actually, having changed DNA of "usual" cancer cells so that the activity of lysosomes in them has sharply increased. © Emiko Paul, Quade Paul, Echo Medical Media; Ron Gamble, UAB Insight Scientists have found out how cancer cells deception



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