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Biologists have found out why eggs have a blunt and sharp end - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. Eggs of many birds are pointed since one end in order that they weren't rolled from the nests located on an uneven surface. The biologists who were watching life of the Arctic birds and published the conclusions in Journal of Experimental Biology.© AFP 2018/Joel Saget Scientists have come to such conclusion have found out what the form of egg of birds "depends on We have found out that differences in the sizes of the blunt and sharp end of egg most strongly influenced how quickly it rolls down an inclined surface. It explains why willocks and many other birds nesting on rocks and abrupt coast lay very asymmetric eggs" — Mark Hauber from the University of Illinois in Chicago (USA) tells. Eggs of many birds, unlike crocodiles, dinosaurs and other reptiles, often have the conic and very extended form. How there was this feature of eggs and what role it played in evolution of birds, disturbs not only Liliputians from Gulliver long ago, but also scientists-evolutionists. For example, recently they have found out that the general form of egg and degree of its elongation depends not on the sizes of a bird, and on that, how well she is able to fly and as often she does it. Similar opening have set Hauber and his colleagues thinking of how there could be differences in the sizes of the blunt and sharp end of eggs during evolution of birds. Comparing layings of different birds, scientists have paid attention to extraordinary peaked eggs of tolstoklyuvy willocks similar in a form to a pear. Willocks live behind the Polar circle, arranging huge colonies on the steep rocks located at the coast of the Arctic Ocean. © AFP 2018/John Macdougall Biologists from Canada have solved "riddle" of chicken and яйцаВо reproduction season time they form couples and lay eggs directly on rocks, arranging nests at the edge. This fact has suggested to scientists an idea that the grushevidnost of eggs of willocks can help them to keep on the place and not to slide off in a chasm. They have checked, whether so it actually, having unpacked several tens of models of eggs of the willocks and other birds having more "symmetric" form on the 3D-printer. As it has appeared, peaked eggs rolled down from inclined surfaces much worse, than their more round "competitors". What is interesting, long and "thin" eggs rolled down much better, than other models, however similar characteristics influenced probability of their "escape" from a nest much less, than differences in the sizes between the blunt and sharp end. © Skutschas et al. / Paleontologists have for the first time found Historical Biology 2017 fossilized egg of a dinosaur in the Sibiripodobny image as Hauber and his colleagues consider, evolution could influence also other properties of eggs, including the sizes of egg yolk and white, lump of eggs and their other properties, an imperceptible image influencing that, the posterity of a bird will survive or will die. Further studying will help scientists to open secrets as feathery dinosaurs turned into birds and in what conditions they lived.



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