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Biologists have created the molecule forcing a body to get rid of fat - RIA Novosti, 8/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug – RIA Novosti. Geneticists from Australia have discovered unusual enzyme which blocking forces an organism to get rid of excess calories and not to reserve also in a fatty layer. Their conclusions have been published in the Nature Communications.© Fotolia/yuriyzhuravov magazine Scientists called spice which helps to lose weight "We expected that this protein operates metabolism, but didn't think that he will influence somehow obesity and at the same time won't be connected with insulin. On the other hand, considering that obesity contributes to the development of many other diseases, drugs on its basis will have the mass of other positive properties" — Nigel Turner from the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia) notes. In the last several years scientists find more and more signs that obesity and the related problems with metabolism develop not only for the genetic reasons or presence of problems with will power at corpulent people, but also because consumption of such food changes work of a brain. For example, two years ago biologists have found out that high-calorific food breaks normal work of the gene operating activity of cages in the center of saturation in a brain of mice. A year ago scientists have found out that fat people have unusually high sensitivity to taste of food, and consider sweet food of more tasty, than other people, because of changes in work of their flavoring receptors and other regions of a brain. Turner and his colleagues have opened one more unusual interrelation such, studying the enzymes which are responsible for assembly церамид – the fatty molecules making a basis of membranes of all human and animal cages. © Photo: CUMC Scientists have created the nanoplaster burning zhirtseramida as the geneticist explains, were considered as one of "simple" structural elements of a cover of cages long ago, however recently biologists have found out that their single molecules can play a role of carriers of information. As it has become clear, they play an important role in division and death of cages and also in management of activity of many hormones. For example, protein of CerS1 as authors of article considered, can be connected with how actively cells of muscles and other parts of our body react to insulin molecules. Checking this idea, scientists have created the substance P053 blocking molecules of this enzyme and have added him to feeding troughs of the mice eating greasy and high-calorie food. Neutralization of CerS1 has led not absolutely to those consequences which expected to see biologists – the amount of insulin in blood of rodents hasn't changed, however they have ceased to gain weight and have begun to grow thin. © Photo: Geneticists have found out Harvard Medical School how cave fish has lost glazprichiny it as have shown observations of behavior of mice, there was the fact that the lack of CerS1 has forced an organism of rodents to burn excess calories in muscles, but not to reserve them in the form of a fatty layer. In other words, wards of Turner and his colleagues have got rid of obesity, but remained with diabetes of which scientists initially tried to cure them. As scientists, blocking of other proteins from се assume



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