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Biologists from Russia have found out how to make chemotherapy more effective - RIA Novosti, 8/13/2018

MOSCOW, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. Molecular biologists from MSU and Sweden have found out that the chemotherapy can be made more effective, preventing cancer cells to clean with themselves from the damaged "power plants". Their conclusions have been presented in the Biological Chemistry.© Fotolia/crevis magazine Cellular "hunger" will help to win against cancer, scientists from MSU "have found out it Has turned out that carcinogenesis, the mitofagiya and apoptosis often use the general metabolic ways. Opening of similar points of intersection of metabolic processes is extremely important for search of targets, impact on which is capable to stimulate death of cancer cells" — Boris Zhivotovsky, professor of biological faculty of MSU whose words are cited by the press service of the Russian scientific fund tells. Zhivotovsky and his colleagues study several years various cellular mechanisms which help cancer cells to share beyond all bounds and at the same time protect them from chemotherapy and immunity. Blocking of the related genes as scientists hope, will make cancer less impregnable and will enhance efficiency of chemotherapy. These experiments have helped them to disclose several interesting interrelations between life of cancer cells and breakages in the genes operating work of various systems of "the programmed death" which join at fatal damage of a cage and force her to destroy themselves. Many of them, for example family of "death proteins" Bcl-2, were one of the main obstacles for work of chemotherapy. This protein and the related substances as Zhivotovsky notes, are in so-called mitochondrions, cellular "power plants" transforming energy of nutrients to a type of molecules clear to a cage. Their damage usually forces normal cages to samounichtozhitsya, however it happens to their cancer "cousins" not always. © Scientists from Russia have found out Depositphotos/Vtanovski how to force cancer cells to die at deleniipodobny observation has suggested to scientists an idea that cancer cells can cope more effectively with "processing" of the damaged mitochondrions, than healthy cells. Thanks to this Bcl-2 and other similar systems including the program of cellular "suicide" won't join in a tumor at its processing by chemotherapy. The Russian biologists have checked, whether so it actually, watching what occurred in the cultures of cancer of rectum at increase or decrease of the activity of mitochondrions and at changes in structure of the genes which are responsible for their "digestion" in cages. As have shown these experiences, acceleration of "processing" of mitochondrions has made these cancer cells almost impregnable to action cisplatinum — one of the drugs which are widely applied within chemotherapy. On average stimulation of "assembly of garbage" has increased survival of cancer cells approximately three times that was especially strongly shown at high doses of anticarcinogenic means. © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv to Pass into an image bank Scientists from MSU have created the nanoparticles killing cancer клеткиС other party, neutralization of protein of Drp1 which is responsible for removal on



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