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Big gap: why it isn't necessary to be afraid of the end of the Universe - RIA Novosti, 8/19/2018

MOSCOW, 19 Aug — RIA Novosti. Liza Randall, the famous cosmologist from Harvard and the popular writer of science, tells about why the mankind shouldn't worry about the possible end of the Universe and explains how cosmology can help us to find "brothers on reason". © Jeremy Teaford/Vanderbilt of Physics have found new arguments in favor of "the Big Gap" Vselennoyprofessor Randall is considered one of leading experts in area of the string theory, physics of elementary particles and cosmology today. Yesterday she has performed with a lecture on the St. Petersburg part of the Geek Picnic festival. She has told about how such different things as dark matter and dinosaurs are connected among themselves and as this mysterious substance influences life and evolution of the Universe. — Liza, in recent years our ideas of life of the early Universe have considerably extended, including thanks to opening of gravitational observatory of LIGO. Whether will help us to understand similar devices what was to the Big Bang? — I don't think that we will be able ever to see not only what was to the Big Bang, but also the first moments of life of the Universe. It is impossible how observation devices work and that occurred at that time in the universe. Observations of events to the Big Bang are represented even less probable and more difficult. Of course, we can argue about it and formulate several theories, however even the most interesting and consistent hypotheses won't be equivalent to the real answer to this question. © Photo: Yi Wang, Xingang Chen Cosmologists have found a way to see the Universe to the Big Bang — you tried to find the hidden measurements and the parallel worlds on a collider the Tevatron. Whether there are chances of their existence and whether it is worth looking for them through gravitational observatories or other devices? — Of course, it is not absolutely my specialization, but I can tell that this search is conducted even now. Our colleagues working with the Large Hadron Collider have agreed to check several similar theories which have been developed by me and my adherents. Really, we haven't found any traces of existence of "excess" measurements and also any "new physics" which is beyond the existing theories yet. It can be connected with the fact that the LHC didn't reach that power where their traces begin to prove. If we reach higher energiya then traces of the similar worlds can arise even within classical Standard model. We don't know whether there is something beyond her limits, but I am sure that in this area we are expected by a weight more of opening. Gravitational observatories as it seems to me, will hardly help us in search of traces of the parallel Universes or another dimensions. On the other hand, they can open signals of the unclear nature as which source it will be impossible to recognize any congestion of visible matter.© the Illustration of RIA Novosti Scientists have proved that the Universe couldn't be born without Big Vzryvainy words if we watch rather persistently and long the gravitational Universe, perhaps, we learn that - t



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