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Beer will become less. What frothy beverage doesn't suit Roskachestvo with - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

MOSCOW, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Lesnykh. The head Roskachestva Maxim Protasov has sent the first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov the letter with a request to pay attention to the existing GOST concerning production of beer. According to Protasov, the present standard allows brewers to deceive buyers and to deliver low-quality production on the market. What don't accept experts one of the most well-loved by Russians of drinks with — in material of RIA Novosti. CC0/Engin_Akyurt/Coffee Price of small weaknesses. How many it is possible to save on harmful a privychkakhglavny claim of experts of national system of monitoring of quality to producers of beer — non-compliance with state standard specification which accurately divides the concepts "beer" and "beer drink". The matter is that beer by the Russian legislation it is possible to call only those drinks at which production not less than 80% of brewing malt were used. All other volume can be covered with nesolozheny raw materials: grain, his processed options and sacchariferous products (the last — no more than two percent). All other production which is made by the similar principle, but doesn't correspond to these criteria, has to be marked as "beer drinks". "Updating of the legislation will allow to save the market from a legal counterfeit and unfair competition and also to present to the consumer the transparent market with a clear understanding that is beer drink and that — beer" — Roskachestva the deputy administrator of autonomous nonprofit organization Maria Sapuntsova has explained a position. Before the FIFA World Cup the organization has conducted a special research. It has become clear that from 40 most popular brands five don't correspond to state standard specification. In Roskachestva have assumed that their producers have saved on the fermented malt, than have violated the law.© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank Imaginary benefit: as banks deceive recipients creditovotvt hasn't kept itself waiting: the largest brewers of Russia have criticized a research, having noted that the applied method is quite misleading. Specialists of ANO measured mass concentration of nitrogen which compounds contain in malt and if the result didn't correspond to standards, recognized drink as low-quality. Representatives of one of the largest domestic breweries have specified that such method of assessment of quality isn't used in one country of the world and has simply been invented in Roskachestva. And the organization plans to complement with this indicator the existing GOST. "The absence at Roskachestva of professional knowledge and experience in the field of brewing leads to serious mistakes which are aggravated with the fact that are broadcast on mass audience" — have said in the Russian Union of Brewers (RUB). © Everything that needs to be known about the new law about nasledstveesl closely to be engaged in Depositphotos/ in definition of the fact that there is a beer and that — beer drink, Roskachestva it is necessary to pay attention to own formulations. On the official portal of the organization it is specified that for приго



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